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What Are You Smoking? Episode 54: Cooking on High’s Ngaio Bealum

Published on September 12, 2018 · Last updated May 13, 2022
(Ngaio Bealum/Facebook)
What Are You Smoking? is hosted by a rotating cast of Leafly’s cannabis experts—Will Hyde, Bailey Rahn, Emily Resling, and Dante Jordan. Tune in every Wednesday to hear activists, entrepreneurs, farmers, processors, and figures from from all corners of the cannabis world weigh in on the latest developments in the industry, what’s coming next, and of course, what new strains and products they’re enjoying these days.

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What Are You Smoking?

What Are You Smoking? Episode 54: Cooking on High’s Ngaio Bealum

Comedian and cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum visits the show! The host of the Netflix show Cooking on High chats with Dante and Emily about the past, present, and future of Hempfest, why people who live in states where cannabis is legal can’t forget their fellows living under prohibition, and how you too can make a living as a professional juggler.

We’ll also talk about the state of diversity in cannabis industry boardrooms and why you should play Cooking on High for your cats while you’re out of the house. And if you’re wondering “Will we find out what everyone is smoking?” then worry not, because of course we will! It’s the name of the dang show!

If you’ve got questions for our hosts, guests you’d like to hear, or have anything else to say about the show, email us at whatareyousmoking@leafly.com.

Want to listen to previous episodes of the show? Find them here! And be sure to check out Leafly’s Podcasts page to listen to What Are You Smoking, The Roll-Up, and more Leafly podcasts coming soon.

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Strains, Products, and Brands in This Episode:

Blueberry Sapphire by Vashon Velvet — Find Blueberry Near You

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A few days ago our Instagram was deactivated. We are working on rebuilding our Instagram and have things up and running again! It's actually nice having a little social media break! Anyways here is one of our in house creation #blueberrysapphire . It comes from a cross of our famous #sapphirescout crossed with #platinumblueberry Warning: there may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This product has intoxicating effects that may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. This product should not be used by women who are currently pregnant or breast feeding. Marijuana can impart concentration, coordination, and judgment. Please do not operate a vehicle of machinery under the influence of marijuana.

A post shared by Vashon Velvet (@vashonvelvetofficial) on

Jack Herer Cartridge by Eden Extracts – Find Jack Herer Near You

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Meet Your Show Hosts

Emily Resling is a Senior Lifestyle Editor at Leafly, a sommelier in a previous life, and a lover of dinner with friends.

Dante Jordan is a Content Associate for Leafly. He’s sorry for not seeing your email and will do better in the future.

About Our Music:

Music for “What Are You Smoking” is provided by Lusine. “Ticking Hands” is from his album Sensorimotor. “Two Dots” is from A Certain DistanceFor more about Lusine, check out Ghostly.com.

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