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The Roll-Up #74: Live from a Head Shop Studio in Texas

We're in Austin, Texas, this week, checking out the scene and chewing through the week's cannabis news.

The Roll-Up #73: Stoner Saves a Tiger

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes on Congress, Sen. Kamala Harris, and a tiger hero in Texas.

The Roll-Up #72: No CBD Burger for Me, Please

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes up the efficiency of dabbing, CBD-infused food, and our own inexperience with fisticuffs.

The Roll-Up #71: Is Cannabis Against Your Religion?

This week: We discuss 'looping,' compare vaping and smoking, and get all deep and spiritual with the weed, man.

The Roll-Up #70: MeToo Hits Cannabis Culture

Deidre Olsen discusses her Marc Emery #MeToo exposé, and CBS rejects a cannabis Super Bowl ad.

The Roll-Up #69: Burnin’ One With Grandma

All the week's cannabis news analyzed and humorized and delivered pipin' hot.

The Roll-Up #68: Tell Your Children

Bruce, Ben, and Alyssa discuss the second coming of Reefer Madness with author David Bienenstock. Also: What would you name your cannabis store?

The Roll-Up #67: Cannabis Podcasting (Special Discussion)

With our hosts out on vacation, The Roll-Up presents a special discussion on cannabis podcasting, taped at last month's Cannabis Media Summit in New York City.

The Roll-Up #66: Special Year-in-Review Smasheroo

Bruce, Ben, and Alyssa hit the highs and lows of 2018, listing the Top 10 cannabis stories and recounting the year’s doobious achievements.

The Roll-Up #64: Hemp for Victory!

Congress passes the farm bill and legalizes hemp, while Altria patents the vape pen. Also, Alyssa offers advice about tattoos.

The Roll-Up #62: Huge Security Cows in South Korea

This week in cannabis news: Massachusetts sells $2.2m in a week, South Korea okays CBD, and postal workers heist weed in North Carolina.

The Roll-Up #61: Cannabis Stores Open in Massachusetts

Cannabis shops open east of the Mississippi, Canadians encounter border problems, and Alyssa reveals what it's like to bomb on stage.

The Roll-Up #58: Did Mexico Just Legalize Weed?

This week's podcast unpacks the Mexico Supreme Court ruling that demolished prohibition. Also: Walmart sells Volcanos?

The Roll-Up #57: Getting Hyper-Enhanced on Halloween

This week: A Utah senator enjoys an infused gummy, Ben reveals his worst LA-themed costume, and Alyssa advises a listener on proper etiquette at a graveyard sesh.

The Roll-Up #56: The Bud Drops in Canada

This week, Canada legalized cannabis. That's all. No big deal. We were there. This is what it sounded like.

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