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The Roll-Up Bonus Ep: Box Brown Smokes Out the Truth

The award-winning cartoonist and author talks with Bruce about his new book, 'Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America,' and things get graphic.

The Roll-Up #81: Oklahoma Just Lapped New York

The Roll-Up features co-hosts Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Alyssa Yeoman in a Friday morning roundtable about the week’s top cannabis news. Leafly Podcast The Roll-Up…

The Roll-Up #80: New York’s Last Stand

Legalization stumbles at the finish in NY and NJ. Also, CBD invades the malls of America and an Australian artist wants to carve a 50-foot wooden bong.

The Roll-Up #79: The Costco of Cannabis

This week in cannabis news: Poll numbers climb, New York faces a critical legalization deadline, and David Downs tries out California's 'Costco of Cannabis.'

The Roll-Up #78: Let’s Not Bust the Cancer Patient, OK?

This week in cannabis news: Missouri cops roust a hospital patient, white weed privilege gets caught on display, and legalization inches closer in NY and NJ.

The Roll-Up Bonus Episode: Cannabis in Texas

With SXSW taking over Austin, Bruce and Ben explore cannabis culture in the Lone Star State, one of the nation's last prohibition strongholds.

The Roll-Up #76: Cannabis at the Whole Foods Hot Bar

This week we look at America's cannabis job boom, the future of cannabis at Whole Foods, and clubs we'd like to form.

The Roll-Up #75: California Is Running Out of Weed

Farmers in the Golden State have licenses that are about to expire. No farmer, no crop. No crop, no cannabis. Uh-oh.

The Roll-Up #74: Live from a Head Shop Studio in Texas

We're in Austin, Texas, this week, checking out the scene and chewing through the week's cannabis news.

The Roll-Up #73: Stoner Saves a Tiger

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes on Congress, Sen. Kamala Harris, and a tiger hero in Texas.

The Roll-Up #72: No CBD Burger for Me, Please

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes up the efficiency of dabbing, CBD-infused food, and our own inexperience with fisticuffs.

The Roll-Up #71: Is Cannabis Against Your Religion?

This week: We discuss 'looping,' compare vaping and smoking, and get all deep and spiritual with the weed, man.

The Roll-Up #70: MeToo Hits Cannabis Culture

Deidre Olsen discusses her Marc Emery #MeToo exposé, and CBS rejects a cannabis Super Bowl ad.

The Roll-Up #69: Burnin’ One With Grandma

All the week's cannabis news analyzed and humorized and delivered pipin' hot.

The Roll-Up #68: Tell Your Children

Bruce, Ben, and Alyssa discuss the second coming of Reefer Madness with author David Bienenstock. Also: What would you name your cannabis store?

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