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Pacific Green

This place is sad. I was here a few weeks back buying some flower. It smelled and looked great before I bought it, but when I got home I Iooked at the label more closely and the flower was harvest 10/2017. I know I only paid $25 for an 1/8th, but 2 year old bud is absolutely ridiculous. I really really hope that was a typo however I still won't be back even if it was.

MediGreen Collectives

i'm not a big fan of this place at all. I feel as if their 5 star ratings are bought by giving you a penny gram on your next visit. I asked them about requiring a 5 star rating for a penny gram and they said that wasn't the case. They don't tell people they can give whatever rating, but I that it's implied to give a 5 star. the quality of the bud is usually really good, but the selection is a little small. On top of that their prices over the past few months have risen a bit. $15 grams??? No thanks. I'll go to another shop with a bigger selection and pay less for the same strain with comparable/slightly better quality.

UK Cheese

it's alrite, but it kinda reminds me of my Uncle Gary.

Platinum Cookies

great stain. nice sweet and pungent berry aroma.

Lamb's Bread

A Wonderful sativa thats high in thc AND cbd

Durban Poison

TJ's durban poison from FIVE ZERO TREES is wonderful. Such a strong berry flavor. A wonderful daytime high as well.


This is one of the best hybrids I've smoked, Such a strong piney flavor.

OG Kush

You can't hate on OG Kush. A strong earthy and piney aroma with dark dense nugs. A must try!

Granddaddy Purple

great strain to smoke before bed. Really nice body effects and creates a nice, sleepy euphoric high.

Thin Mint

This is a great strain for people who need a break from stress, and/or just want to relax and be happy. It has a slight mint taste and smells amazingly. One of my favorite strains to smoke during the day when I want to stay upbeat and productive.