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The Original Z

Yes, unfortunately, only one star. Due to the hype surrounding this strain, I really wanted to enjoy it. I have given this strain multiple chances because I've heard such good things, acquiring flower from different growers, and I just don't like it at all. This last batch was the nail in the coffin. Bottom line: it's all fake hype to me. It has ALWAYS stood lower than whatever other strain I have on hand at the time - it never gives me that satisfying "punch" when I take a bong hit. This last batch was so underwhelming that I literally just took three huge bowls from my bong back to back, and I'm ONLY lightly toasted, whereas if it's a good strain it usually takes me one medium sized bowl only and I'm more than good. I'm pretty fed up of wasting money on this strain hoping the effects match the hype - but I've given up. Even had "Watermelon Zkittlez" the other day and it wasn't great at all. I'm passing on all Zkittlez strains from here on. Just my own personal opinion.


No complaints! Lives up to the hype! Very stress-relieving, good euphoria, and gives you a really good sleep!

Sour OG

Hit two bowls of this from a bong. Definitely a very balanced strain in terms of sativa/indica. Doesn't leave you feeling couch-locked or heavy. Starts energetic, but mellows out into a chilled relaxed effect. Only downside is there doesn't seem to be much euphoria in comparison to other strains I've had lately, so it's not super strong in battling depression. I think this is a nice one for people who are looking for some pain/stress relief but also want room to function for the day! Overall a 7/10

Wedding Cake

Immediate relief. I had been going through a bout of strains that just weren't getting me right - this one got me JUST where I needed to be. After one bong hit I had immediate anxiety relief and stress relief. This is one for those who need to take the "edge" off from life and just want to relax. You can get lost in your favourite TV show or go on an endless YouTube marathon with this one.


So THIS is what being punched in the face by Mike Tyson into an ocean of bliss feels like! In all seriousness - I was BLOWN away by how powerful this strain is. One bowl from the bong got me in immediate relief. All of today I was feeling anxious and on-edge, one of those days where I just feel that way and don't know why. Had a joint of something else, didn't do much. Went home and took a bowl of Biscotti some hours later, and I was blasted to an imaginary world - it took me by surprise. While handling the immense rush with my eyes shut, I imagined myself soaring through the sky where the clouds are made of cotton candy, where peace, tranqulity and friendship dominate, and where everyone in this imaginary world loves one another - hate has no place. This strain is certainly the answer to world peace - if only political leaders around the world would take a hit of this! Anxiety immediately slips away. This has to be one of the best I've had in a long while.

Presidential OG

The crystal-covered buds and delicious pungent smell got me excited for this. After a bowl from a bong, it got me nicely relaxed. However, it didn't hit me as hard as I thought it would. After two bowls, I felt pressure under my eyes and felt sleepy and relaxed. Just is lacking that "kick" and strong stress-relief I'm used to. Feels great for upping creativity - would be great before creative activities. Overall, this strain is by all means good, but not excellent.

Blue Z

Just beautiful. I was skeptical at first due to all the hype around the "Zkittles" strain, but it really isn't just hype. I have an immensely high tolerance, and one bowl from my bong was a hard horse-kick to the face. I had my eyes watering heavily, unable to open them for a while, riding through waves of bliss. This one is super relaxing and gives immediate stress-relief. I'm currently getting totally absorbed into the music I was listening to previously. Great strain.

Zombie OG

Wow. This one is for those with a high tolerance. I hit one bowl of this through a bong, and I didn't feel anything at first. I was pretty disappointed. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, BAM! I'm standing there with my eyes closed, trying to comprehend the huge rush that's hitting me. I guess that's why they call it Zombie OG! Like a Zombie bite that infects you with time. Amazing strong indica that is great for pain relief, I found myself getting lost into my favourite shows in a very euphoric manner. Great one to unwind with.

Wifi OG

This bud will leave you so far out of the galaxy you'll be looking for ANY signal to reach home. Hard hitter for those with a high tolerance - really feel that relaxation throughout the whole body, similar to sitting in a hot bath tub. All tension just eases out. Great taste and flavour, too.

Amnesia Haze

A UK classic. Almost always available from everyone, and they claim it to be something special... Which I don't agree with. Over 6 years ago, you would get good and CLEAN varieties of it. Nowadays, you don't. I give it only 3 stars because while I agree in its super-uplifting and energetic effects, having had it so much over the years and so many batches of it, the strain always tended to give me headaches / a brain fog feeling. Sometimes to the point of nausea. The last batch I got made me just feel empty, no euphoria, just empty. When it was good, it would make me feel like I was in the middle of my own movie while walking around! The best way to enjoy this strain is to get it from an organic grower.