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Blue Dream

Attention: This is a real-time review. 1:50pm I had a fat bowl of Blue Dream via a 9in common tube bong. The taste was much stronger going in than coming out. Destroy must be pretty low in beta-C because it was absent of any gas. The inhale was earthy and maybe slightly sweet. The exhale was almost flavor free until the very last moment and then...berries. Cough and stress free. 1:55pm Plenty of euphoria. And the mildest of headbands. 2:01pm I put the bong back in the cabinet as the second bowl will not be necessary. Some 6 minutes after having the bowl I found that the euphoria fades and the overall body relaxation sets in. Sorry guys this is all I can write, This was a plenty strong hit for me. I did want to point out, I probably had a boom-draw, It was so smooth I'm sure I had a pretty extra big hit.

Orange Kush Cake

In the jar it looks fluffy & smells of oranges & Kush. Taste the same in the inhale, plenty of kushy on the exhale, nice. The high is unique. It hits the headband quick. The head high fades about 20 mins later but the body high sneaks up on you about the same time. I like OKC anytime as it makes me very productive but after an hour my body is heavy. Like most in the Kush fam, have a bit more of it and you get right back to the head high and the heavy seems to fade, this cycle is so predicable, you can count on the same high every time-would be a very good choice for those suffering from chronic pain. Would I buy again, heck yeah.

Blueberry Muffin

I must admit, I get more pepper than blue berry but who the F cares. We are not here to "enjoy the effervesce flavors and notes" of dope, we are here for a much more important task, relief. So it taste like cannabis for sure. I found this strain to come on very soon after one small bowl. The magnitude just ramp'd up for the next 20 mins, I was "olde-skool" stoned. I have never felt this much tingle in the face and frankly a lil dizzy. Very heavy in the head and body. After 1/2 hour I knew this was the last dope I would have for the day. 3.5 hours later in the bed, slept like baby. The next morning, I had another bowl and wrote YOU this review. I hope it helps. In summery, its good ciba w/ a strong in-da-couch effects that I found pleasing. Go get ya a zip & enjoy.

Ghost OG

I was given some "b grade" Ghost OG to try. This is some ugly weed, but the smoke was a surprise. It has that thick yet delicate sickness like a good OGK when ground. I shredded .75 gram bud. *About 30 mins ago I had three small "one hit" bowls ripped through a small 6 inch water bong. Hit me before I could exhale it, wicked head rush. About 5 or so minutes later everything seems heavy. I am so relaxed. I have been smoking this strain for a week here is the high I get. Nice heady haze-like in nature followed by a 9 lb hammer! As to taste,

CBD Hemp Flower Buds, Honolulu Haze

None of this :I bought it so idk what it does" here. I have bought several zips of this strong smelling over ripe pineapple meets over ripe peaches in smell. It is a bit rough on trim BUT it is some hq flower under a few leaves. Fluffy when ground and explodes with aroma. More Jack-Fruit at this point (no worries). It burns a bit hot, rolling it is too hot for my taste, but works in a pinch. The first time I used a 10 in thick glass straight bong for a Wake & Bake. 1/2 grams had me blistered. I ended up having a gram the first ses. TOO MUCH for me. Can be jumpy, better to have a lil bit 2 or 3 times in place of one or two big rips. It has a very soft and light taste. Little taste coming in, sorta taste like what I imagine dried corn silks taste like going out, no kidding. Within 2 mins I know I have had some cannabis....just something was missing, the intoxication part! At the 8 min mark post inhale - I noticed all the colors in my house looked brighter, amazing! I was straight stoned-without effecting my balance & no hunger, none, no one can tell but me. NO ONE can tell but YOU if you try HH. After 15 mins it was clear I was alert and looking for something to do....wash dishes, clean up my car, work in the flower garden, you get it. PURE SATIVA. Noticed it from 6am - 11am for sure. Had 1/2 gram at lunch, same thing all over again. I have had outdoor hemp & indoor hemp, go indoor. If you find a better zip for $80 post it here, I can not. I strongly suggest you start slow. IF you live in a evil prohibition state like say GA or Tenn, you are wasting your $$ on low grade street cull bud your plug swears is Blue Dream when this scanty is legal, cheap & will rock the %^&* out of you if you smoke enough. Kannabosm.


Sourced from a 4/20 event today (yea I know but we do it all month) from a vendor from Upper Mile High near Caldell. Solid nugs, sorta sour-sweet smelling, not a hint of blueberry? The nugs looked good under the micro, machine trimmed so it was a bit smashed up but under the scope you could see a dense resin coating, very dark in some places, clear in others. It taste somewhat bland /w a sweet-herb finish. As one presses the smoke from their lung it is hard to not to notice how light and flavorless the smoke is. This hit fast, like a old school Afgani-Kush of the 70's. Balanced high, more head than legs but well functioning. Heavy after an hour, the indica sets in. I loved it!

Alien OG

Oh my. Not a couch lock. Not a busy high. Not a sativa or indica high. It is unique. The buds are narrow tightly packed bud with the smell of a pine-lemon-baby diaper....you know. There was a good deal of sticky resin on the bud yet the grinder zipped right through it, dense but delicate. Smell was very pine and musk. Taste, not much of anything, light smoke. The only real taste was a hint of pine & skunk. I knew as strong when it hit the back of throat--the cough was harsh! It has a very high-end look and taste, sorta like Michelob Ultra of herb. The effects were not anything much, after about 5 mins I felt relaxed a bit. 15 mins later (I smoked it 20 mins ago) I was on my but old school f'd up! Heavy on the head. Heavy on the body, lots of smiles. HARD TO TYPE after using, this has taken me about 30 minutes to type. I don't know what happens after 40 mins, but it is still ramping up! Cheers, SWE!


Very sticky, so much so it would not grind as the grinder gummed up. So I put the flower in the freezer with my alloy grinder. After 10 mins it ground right up. That was about 15 mins ago. I can say this is the Spacyest High I have ever had. It tasted thick and citrus meets pine. Came on about 10 mins ago. Everything seems very bright, from my living room to this laptop screen. Very heavy body high, so much so I must wrap this review, hard to type.

Forbidden Fruit

Very Fruity-Citrus out of the jar. The budtender said it is a real tropical smell, she was right. Very sticky, hard to grind. Burns even and taste like a kiwi fruit and plums with a thick citrus note. It is a creeper. Hits good after 10 mins or more. Peaceful and easy going herb, Nice before bed. This is a must try.

Kosher Kush

This strain is not as much anything new, just better! It is a nice strain with in my case small but very dense nugs (Desert Grown Farms) that break with that "just right" resin muffled snap. Smell & taste were the same...pine meets soil meets bitter. In flavor, it is not sweet nor fancy, it is just old school Zacate-think G13. Ground and packed in a pipe and enjoyed on Fremont St. over a 2 day period and I mean ENJOYED! Now to the good stuff: The high comes on very fast, in the head BEFORE I exhaled! It never made me sleepy, just chill. I found body aches and joint pain faded within a few minutes. After a few grams the taste begins to wear on you, bitter. The high never gets old, I mean it. Every session was as good as the first. Highly recommend for those seeking a wake & bake that does not return to a nap. Great for pain too. This is truly the runner up to my strongest strain thus far, The OG Story strain from Desert Grown Farms. It will buy Kosher Kush every time I see it. BTW, shout out to Brit & those that helped me at Essence near the Stratosphere. Very solid advice and great prices for Vegas. Hope to see it in Portland soon.