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Green Ribbon

4.2| 158 Reviews

What is Green Ribbon?

Green Ribbon is a 50/50 hybrid that tends towards the sativa side when it comes to effects; patients report an energetic, heady feeling when using it. Originating in San Jose, California, this strain includes some Green Crack but the status of the other parent is unknown, with Trainwreck, Afghanica, and White Rhino all contenders. The light green buds have a subtle floral scent and are slightly fruity, lending to an earthy taste. Green Ribbon generally has a high THC content around 18-20%.

Where to Buy Green Ribbon

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Green Ribbon Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Green Ribbon Genetics and Grow Info

Green Ribbon Flavors

  • 1. Lemon
  • 2. Tree Fruit
  • 3. Lime

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“My first time giving a strain a perfect 10! Thank you GTA in Phoenix for this fine specimen. 50/50 effects. Two hits out of the bubbler was all i needed for hours. And then I watched this a nice complement to the dosage. Very cerebral and psychoactive effects at first then a very fun and functional stone for way longer than i expected. I smoke not only for medicinal but also...”

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“Great strain, amazing flavor profile, great parent strains potency is there Great for stress, and eating disorders pretty relaxing but not such a sleepy strain very focused and uplifted. This particular strain is great for kicking back and grabbing a bite with a friend and talking it up Unfortunately I can't find any seeds for sale of this one it's very rare much like most of my favorite strains its just seems great...”


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