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What is Wookie?

Wookie is a tantalizing cross of Lavender and Appalachia supposedly grown by the renowned seed bank, Bodhi Seeds. This odoriferous combination blends an intensely floral aroma with sour terpenes, creating a unique fragrance that is sure to fill the room. Lavender’s happy, relaxed effects press firmly up against Appalachia’s dreamy, cerebral effects, making Wookie a whimsical escape from stress.     

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  • 1. Berry
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Skunk

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“I love the way it looks very clean! Smells sweet and earthy and slinky. very nurturing strain it's also a hard hitter”

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“Perfect mix of euphoria and spacey. Great for mornings and free time chill sessions. I tended to space out more on this so I didn't really want to use it at work lol”


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