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DJ Short Blueberry

4.5| 255 Reviews

What is DJ Short Blueberry?

DJ Short Blueberry is a living legend. This is, was, and forever will be the west coast Blueberry varietal. The strain is sought after and has been spliced into many different hybridized strains. DSBs genetics stem from DJ Short’s travels through Central America and Southeast Asia, where he gathered robust landrace genetics that would later blossom into some of the most legendary cannabis strains on the planet. Finding a true cut of DSB is harder than it sounds, but if you do, savor it. You are literally igniting a piece of cannabis history. Expect beautiful sedative effects that are second only to the incredible berry flavor of this flower. 


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DJ Short Blueberry Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

DJ Short Blueberry Genetics and Grow Info

DJ Short Blueberry Flavors

  • 1. Blueberry
  • 2. Berry
  • 3. Sweet

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“I have had this strain on many occasions and I must say it always is amazing and excellent probably my top go to strain as well as GDP the flavor will hit your mouth like a rush of blueberry muffins and the effects hit immediately! I have done a little research on this strain and it seems to be stuff of legend DJ short himself seems to me wanted to perfect the blueberry strain and I believe he did! I use this strain ...”

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“Nice if you're trying to get to know your bud, but I wouldn't rely on this as a daily driver. Maybe like good for a movie or video games. Mostly got cloudy, flat couch lock highs followed by some decent munchies a long while later--and then feeling kind of all over the place. Not much to remark on in terms of flavor for me, esp compared to cookies and muffins. It's alright. I'm glad it's around, very generous strain.”


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