Opal OG Kush

Opal OG Kush

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Opal OG Kush is an 80% indica strain grown by Nine Point Growth Industries in Washington state. With genetics coming from a blend of Frankenstein and Lemon OG Kush, Opal OG Kush buds grow into a colorful patchwork of red, green, and purple hues. Heavy, cerebrally concentrated euphoria melts down throughout the body, evening out to calming relaxation and dreamy bliss. Opal OG Kush is grown indoors in a soil medium, and is available in Washington’s recreational cannabis stores.

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Strain Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth


  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Lavender
  • 3. Strawberry

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“Recently returned to smoking after a long hiatus. This strain is my favorite. Almost instant euphoria. This strain is clear headed, and makes me feel energized initially. Also helps me with sexual arousal and performance. Eventually relaxes like the indica dom it's suppose to be. Unlike others I think this would be a great strain for those new to cannabis , due to no paranoia or memory loss. Versatile strain for day...”

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“This strain rocks! I've finally found a herb that really puts me in the zone. The buds are very tight and hard. It has a beautiful deep purple hue with bits of red. The high seems to having an arousing effect along with the intense euphoria it brings on. Definitely don't pass this one up.”


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