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An ingestible form of cannabis, usually an oil, that has been enclosed in a tablet to be taken orally. Capsules are digested and metabolized in the stomach and liver like edibles but do not contain food and allergen ingredients, making them ideal for patients who need consistent doses of cannabis medicine that won’t interfere with their body’s other systems. 

I use Rick Simpson Oil capsules because they’re easy and less messy to dose.”

“Medical patients often prefer capsules to edibles.”

What are marijuana capsules?

Many dispensaries sell capsules made of an animal byproduct like gelatin, or plant materials like hypromellose and pullulan that contain a precise dose of cannabis oil or concentrate. Some patients also choose to pack ground cannabis in empty capsules at home to more accurately dose or customize their experience. 

Capsules often contain some ratio of the two most common cannabinoids THC and CBD, but can also contain other cannabinoids such as CBN, THCA, CBG, and more. Some cannabis companies make capsules with distillate oils, Rick Simpson Oil, dried flower, hash tinctures, or isolates of different strains, terpenes, or cannabinoids, providing many options. Some capsules are meant to dissolve immediately, while others are formulated for a long, delayed release.

Benefits of marijuana capsules

Both cannabis patients and recreational consumers can enjoy and benefit from marijuana by taking capsules. Many companies now offer multiple formulas of capsules with different ratios and cannabinoids to suit a variety of needs and tolerance levels, as well as non-psychoactive options—for example, capsules with CBD. 

Most capsules contain higher doses than a standard edible, with some containing as much as 100mg of THC to suit consumers with high tolerances. Capsules may take a long or short time to take effect compared to edibles depending on their shell, although the highs are quite similar at similar doses. Because capsules do not contain food allergens like dairy, gluten, soy, etc., they suit just about every diet.