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A cola is a cluster of buds that grow together on female cannabis plants. During trimming, large colas are usually broken up into individual buds or nugs, so they can dry and cure more evenly to prevent mold. Buds contain cannabinoids and terpenes that get you high or offer medicinal benefits.

“This one cola must be an entire eighth!”

What is a cola?

Colas are clusters of buds that grow tightly together on female cannabis plants. They can be large or small, and light exposure typically affects the size of colas—large colas usually grow at the top of the plant or the end of branches, which receive more light, and smaller colas are usually found on lower branches, which typically receive less light. 

Growers can employ techniques like scrogging or trellising, which spread out branches by placing them in a screen. This allows branches and bud sites to receive more light, to encourage the growth of more colas above the screen. Smaller colas usually form lower down or under the screen, and lower branches may even be pruned away so the plant can focus its energies on growing colas above the screen.

The main cola at the top of the main stalk is sometimes referred to as the apical bud. Colas tend to cluster around the main stalk or a large branch. Colas are surrounded by many trichome-covered sugar leaves, which are cut off during trimming and can be saved as “trim,” which typically has less trichomes in it but can still be used for edibles, hash, or pre-rolls.