Circ perc

A circular percolator, or “circ perc,” is made up of one ring with slits in the side or numerous rings with gaps in between. It is similar to a showerhead perc, which gets its name because it has holes or slits on the bottom. All percolators diffuse smoke, making hits cooler and less harsh. Circ percs can be combined with other types of percolators to increase percolation. 

“My old bong had a tree perc but after talking to a friend, I decided to get a new one with a circ perc.”

What is a circ perc?

A circ perc, or circular percolator, is a percolator made up of one or numerous rings with gaps between them and slits in the side. This makes a circ perc different from a showerhead percolator, which has only a single circle with slits or holes on the bottom, like a showerhead.  

Smoke or vapor is drawn through the openings in a circ perc and into a diffusion chamber before continuing to the mouthpiece and into the lungs. As with any percolator, circ percs can be combined with other types of percolators. It’s important to note that combining multiple methods of percolation can result in a greater degree of percolation but also less THC going into your lungs.