Cotyledon leaves

The first tiny leaves that appear when a cannabis seed sprouts, or germinates. Cotyledon leaves are round with smooth edges and usually grow in pairs. As the cannabis plant matures, the cotyledons will fall off and fan leaves will grow. 

“Seeing the cotyledons is a good sign—it means your seed has successfully germinated.”

What are cotyledon leaves?

The iconic marijuana leaf that most are familiar with is a fan leaf, but before fan leaves grow, a marijuana plant will grow tiny cotyledon leaves. When a cannabis seed successfully germinates, or sprouts, it will grow rounded cotyledons in sets of two.  

Cotyledons, and all leaves, are crucial for photosynthesis, absorbing light for the plant. Cotyledons should never be removed as the seedling is very delicate in its early stage of life. As the plant matures, the cotyledon leaves will yellow, die, and fall off the plant, and larger fan leaves will grow to absorb light and drive photosynthesis for the plant. Unlike cotyledon leaves, fan leaves can be pruned away when the plant is old enough.