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Scientific glass

Pipes made of scientific glass are thicker, more durable, and more resistant to heat stress than standard glass. They are made with precision, of a high quality, and can stand repeated use, as if able to be used for scientific experiments. Scientific glass pipes are usually less decorative than other pipes, as their main priority is functionality.  

“My bong made of scientific glass fell over but didn’t break.”

“I love the honeycomb percolator on my scientific glass rig.”

The difference between scientific glass and heady glass

Whereas scientific glass is designed to serve functionality and consistency, heady glass is primarily designed with aesthetic in mind; heady glass pipes are viewed as pieces of art, and scientific glass is viewed as a tool. 

Heady glass does need to function, however, they don’t need to be as precise as scientific glass. Heady glass is also often made from softer glass to meet the design needs of the artist. Color may need to be added and the glass needs to be able to be manipulated into complex shapes. This also means heady glass is easier to break than scientific glass, something that can deter buyers from heady pieces because they tend to be expensive. 

The ultimate objective of scientific glass is to make a highly functional pipe. However, there is an artistry to making scientific glass pieces as well. 

Benefits of scientific glass

Durability: Scientific glass pipes are built thick and strong. They are designed to handle extreme heat over and over and can withstand accidental drops more than other pipes made of softer glass. 

Intricate Percolators: Scientific glass pipes typically incorporate intricate percolators without losing functionality because they are made with precision. Intricate percolators can make hits smoother and also be fun to watch. 

Easy cleaning: Cleaning a scientific glass piece is often easier than cleaning a heady glass pipe because the design is more straightforward. Unfortunately, most scientific glass pipes are made of clear glass and show resin buildup more, and you may want to clean them more frequently.