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A joint that has tobacco mixed in with cannabis flower. 

“I like the flavor of a spliff.”

“Don’t put too much tobacco in the spliff.”

Etymology of ‘spliff’

It is believed that the word “spliff” was originally coined in the West Indies in Jamaican culture, but in this culture, a spliff is just another word for a joint. No one knows when “spliff” started to be used to refer to a joint that was rolled with both tobacco and cannabis. But the term likely traveled to the UK from there and then the rest of Europe, where spliffs are more popular than in the US.

Benefits of a spliff

Spliffs can be easier to roll than a joint; tobacco is usually finely cut and can fill in gaps between broken-down cannabis, which is often uneven. This makes it easier to form a classic cigarette shape. 

Tobacco is also less resinous, therefore, it decreases the chances of clogging. Is discretion is a concern, tobacco also does a great job of masking the smell of cannabis. The smell of tobacco may not be enjoyed by all people, but at least it is a legal smell in public.

Spliffs will also cut down on the amount of cannabis you smoke, because you’re mixing your joints with tobacco, saving you money.

Disadvantages of a spliff

The obvious disadvantage is that you’ll smell like tobacco, which may not be favorable. Some argue that tobacco also kills the flavor of cannabis and you won’t get the full experience of it.

Tobacco is also a known carcinogen, and not good for your health.