Short for “smoke session,” this is when a group of people gather to smoke weed. A session, or “sesh,” has an etiquette and can include any number of people and any type of product, including joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, dabs, and more.  

“The weed session was great until it turned into a drum circle.”

Etiquette for smoking in a weed session

Usually whomever provided the weed will determine who gets the first hit. If there’s a big group of people, many can contribute weed to the bowl, or there can be a few bowls going around at the same time.

If packing a bowl for a pipe or other device, it’s good to pack a lot to make sure everyone gets a fresh hit of green herb. 

It’s good to corner the bowl, only lighting a fraction of the green bowl so everyone gets a green hit full of flavor and not ash. 

Don’t bogart the bowl or joint—make sure to puff and pass. If the bowl is already lit, let your buddy know it’s cherried when you pass it.

And don’t pocket a lighter. Everyone hates a lighter thief!