Showerhead percolator

A style of a percolator that resembles a showerhead, with holes or slits on the bottom of a flared vertical tube. Percolators diffuse smoke, making it smoother and easier to inhale. Smoke travels from a bowl or nail through the showerhead percolator and into the main chamber before going into the mouthpiece to be inhaled. 

“I got a new rig with a showerhead perc and it’s sooo smooth.” 

What is a showerhead percolator?

A percolator diffuses smoke before it goes into the main chamber of a bong or dab rig, filtering and cooling the smoke, and making it smoother and easier to inhale. There are several styles of percolators and one of them is a showerhead percolator, so named because it resembles a showerhead. 

A showerhead percolator is a vertical tube with a flared bottom that has holes or slits on the bottom. Smoke or vapor is drawn through the openings in the flared bottom of the tube into the main chamber before continuing to the mouthpiece and into the lungs. 

This style of percolator can be combined with others to achieve a higher degree of percolation. Some think percolation can result in slightly less THC when inhaling, however, most feel they can inhale more smoke or vapor through diffusion because it’s smoother, resulting in feeling higher.

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