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Where Are the Extraterrestrials? A Question that Requires Cannabis

We attended “Where are the Extraterrestrials?”, the first of the Goodship Higher Education Series lectures in 2017. Find out what it was all about!

Which 2016 Best Picture Movie Character Needed Cannabis the Most?

The characters in 2016's Best Picture nominations had to endure a lot of hardships. Here are nine individuals who may have needed a little cannabis to ease their troubles.

The Oscar-Nominated Shorts, Ranked by How Great They Are While High

The 2017 Oscar-nominated short films in the live action and animation categories are even better while high. See which shorts topped our cannabis-centric list.

‘Up in Smoke’: How the Original Stoner Comedy Changed History

Cheech and Chong pioneered the field. But does their original film stand the test of time?

6 Movie Soundtracks to Listen to While High

To celebrate the upcoming Oscars awards ceremony (which airs Sunday, February 26), we compiled a range of movie soundtracks to listen to while high.

Which U.S. Presidents Would Have Tried Cannabis?

We take a peek into the history of a few American presidents and their stance on the cannabis plant, speculating whether or not we believe they ‘inhaled’.

Load Up on Your Favorite Strains Because ‘Planet Earth II’ Finally Debuts in the U.S.

Grab your favorite relaxing strain and listen to the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough as he takes you on a magical journey throughout our beautiful planet.

Remembering Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize It’

Peter Tosh’s family announced that a remix was quietly in the works to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the late musician’s hit song, “Legalize It.”

Our Top Canna-Crushes of 2017

From lawmakers to activists, we're sending a little love to our favorite canna-crushes for pushing legalization forward and fighting the good fight.

Spread the Love with These Shareable Canna-Friendly Valentines

Whether you're single or spoken for, your cannabis-friendly friends and paramours alike will enjoy these six punny valentine designs. Happy Valentine's Day from Leafly!

Pop Music and Cannabis: A Romance That Began in the 1930s

The relationship between cannabis and popular song can be traced back to at least the 1930s. We reflect upon the vipers who loved their tea back in the day.

Plan for (and Enjoy) the Ultimate Wake and Bake with These Tips

Get the most out of your wake and bake session with these helpful tips.

Cannabis Isn’t Making You Lazy, Your Bad Habits Are

Yes, cannabis can make you want to sink into the couch for hours, but only if you prioritize its use over your actual responsibilities.

How to Gourmet-ify Snacks to Satisfy Your Munchies

Tired of your usual go-to stoner snacks? Dress them up with these gourmet munchie recipes touching on all your favorites, from popcorn to grilled cheese.

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