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Meet the Woman Throwing the Coolest Cannabis Parties in California

Katie Partlow’s pot parties have been called the best in California—and may be the greatest on Earth. We chatted with her to learn how she does it.

Summer in Seattle: Is It Worth the High?

Do you like cities with dope-ass people? Do you like cities with legal cannabis? Do you like eating tacos? If so, Seattle while high is the vacation destination for you.

‘The Profit’ Host Marcus Lemonis Likes Cannabis People, Process & Product

CNBC’s primetime series The Profit has host Marcus Lemonis vetting a number of California cannabis companies as they ramp up for the state’s leap into legality.

High DIY: How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Take advantage of cannabis's soothing qualities with this colorful cannabis-infused bath bomb recipe! It's super-easy to make at home.

The Leafly Comedy Tour Hits the Road With the Gateway Show

Join Leafly and the Gateway Show at one of several comedy tour stops between August and December! We're bringing laughs throughout Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon.

Forget 5:00—4:20 Is the New Happy Hour

The concept of happy hour as we know it has long been associated with the most popular substances of the day. Finally, cannabis is catching up with alcohol.

Cannabis and Meditation: Best Practices for an Elevated Mind

If you find yourself struggling to let go of your thoughts, consider lighting up before clearing your mind with these meditation techniques.

NFL Offers to Work With Players Union to Study Cannabis

The NFL is again flirting with changing its policy on cannabis—but for the first time, it seems to be putting its money where its mouth is.

2028 LA Olympics to Be First Ever With Legal Cannabis

The Olympic Torch won't be the only thing lighted up in 2028.

Watch This: Guess Which Two Celebs Get ‘Special’ Trailers When Visiting Conan?

Most shows have a green room for their guests to hang out in before they come on, but apparently that room isn’t big enough to house and support the pre-show antics of Snoop Dogg.

3 Strains, Products, and Pieces of Advice for Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse

August 2017's total solar eclipse is the solar event of the century. We offer three products, three cannabis strains, and three tips for viewing it high.

High DIY: Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Cannabis-and-Yogurt Face Mask

To elicit the best beauty benefits from cannabis, consider a skin-loving infused face mask that mixes cannabis coconut oil with yogurt, turmeric, and honey.

‘Little Amsterdam’ Event Series Bringing Red-Light Cannabis Café Life to DTLA (Video)

Seven Ghost Productions' Little Amsterdam brings a red-light canna-café to DTLA. Check out our video for burlesque, psychics, VR—even fire dancers.

Combusted: 3 Cashed Cannabis Trends That Need to Die Out

It's important to weigh outdated practices and products to determine how we can outgrow these trends in pursuit of better, healthier cannabis culture.

Smoke and Mirrors: Cannabis, Fashion, and How It All Connects to Rihanna

High fashion has recently embraced cannabis culture, turning it into haute couture. But this begs the question: Who gets to celebrate cannabis in the open?

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