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The Curious Trend of Celebrities Quitting Cannabis

Several prominent canna-friendly celebrities have been coming forward to admit that they are giving up the use of cannabis products.

Watch This: That One Time Zach Galifianakis Smoked a ‘Joint’ on Real Time

Taken from an episode of Real Time With Bill Maher that aired in November 2010, Zach Galifianakis and panelists are discussing CA Prop 19 when he pulls out a joint and lights it.

This Kickstarter Campaign Wants to Build a Cannabis Island Paradise

Want to make the dream of a cannabis paradise a reality? Look no further than "Ganjaland."

Snoop Dogg’s New Video Features Cannabis, Clowns, and Trump

Snoop Dogg takes aim at the Trump administration and a number of other social topics in his latest music video.

The Trouble With Tribble: Inside the Mind of a Unique Glass Artist and Cannabis Advocate

Want to know what it's like designing some of the best bongs and pipes on the market? We spoke to Scoz of Scoz Glass to talk about the ins and outs of the glass art industry.

The High Score: Zelda, Breath of the Wild Game Review

We got stoned and played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read about the immersive gameplay and how it’s perfect for a higher state of mind.

Why a Good Smoke Session Is the Ultimate Bonding Experience

There's no single better way to bond with someone than smoking with them. Nothing brings people together like cannabis.

Watch This: Spiders (Fake) Try Different Drugs, Weave Wacky Webs

For this week's "Watch This," we check in on a fake documentary following drug-induced spiders weaving a variety of woefully misshapen webs.

‘Orange Sunshine’ Is Coming out of the Psychedelic Closet

The feature length documentary explores the origins of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a group dubbed the "Hippie Mafia" that started a psychedelic revolution in the US.

SXSW and the Cannabis Industry: Why 2017 Is Different

2017 marks the first year a cannabis-related business is an official sponsor of the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

High Fashion for a Higher Purpose: NY Fashion Week’s First Cannabis Event

This invite-only 2017 New York Fashion Week benefit was the first to advertise its cannabis connections, but cannabis couture has been in vogue for awhile.

Party Goes on, With Fewer Tokes, at Vegas Cannabis Cup

There was no federal crackdown, but it was a dry-ish Cup shortened by weather.

Watch (and Listen to) This: Wiz Khalifa/Curren$y’s How Fly Mix Tape and ‘Commercials’

On Aug. 9, 2009, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y (The Hot Spitta) gave us one of the best joint (no point intended) mix tapes of all time: How Fly.

Leafly Staff Picks: The Most Mind-Blowing Subreddits to Browse While High

Looking to melt your mind after enjoying your favorite strain? The Leafly staff shares some of its favorite mind-blowing subreddits to browse through after a canna-sesh.

Google Appears to Mix Strain Ratings with Movie Reviews for ‘Pineapple Express’ Film

Conducting a Google search for the stoner comedy 'Pineapple Express' returns a movie knowledge graph that includes the aggregate strain rating from Leafly.

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