What’s the Most Popular Form of Cannabis in Your State?

Published on November 4, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Which form of cannabis is most prevalent on the dispensary menus in your state? Leafly dug into its proprietary data to explore what percentage of dispensary menus are comprised of concentrates, flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, seeds, clones, and other forms of cannabis.

What Does the Data Show?

Every dispensary menu is unique. They cater to local audiences, are tinkered with by knowledgeable budtenders and owners based on supply and demand, and make up one of the most eclectic and challenging parts of the cannabis industry.

We wanted to dive into our data to find out more about the types of menu items stocked in dispensaries across different states. The results can go a way towards telling us about the breadth of items available in each major cannabis market, and can also act as a signifier about customer preferences for different methods of cannabis consumption.

The top takeaways: edible items dominate menus in Colorado, California, and Arizona, while flower is king in Washington and Michigan. Meanwhile, concentrate options are top in Oregon.

Leafly chart of the percentage of total state cannabis menu items by product category

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What Does It Mean?

To many dispensary owners, this information might not come as much of a surprise. But we can make a couple of assumptions from the data. The high percentage of edible options on menus in Colorado and the high number of flower options in Washington could have something to do with the powerful brands in those respective markets. Edible manufacturers such as Denver’s Dixie Elixirs could easily help contribute to 4 out of every 10 products on the average Colorado menu being an edible. Meanwhile, in Washington, growers like Dutch Brothers Farms dominate the market, and their brand recognition could help drive the high percentage of flower options on dispensary menus.

The propensity of concentrate options across Oregon menus is interesting, and might have something to do with the state’s medical-only recent past. There’s a chance that the health appeals of vape pens might also be catering to an older demographic of patients in Oregon.

Additionally, the data revealed a few more surprising trends:

  • There’s a relatively low percentage of pre-roll items in Colorado (1.64%) when compared to the percentage of items available in Washington (10.18%). This could be linked to Washington consumers’ preference for flower, as well as the fact that the relatively new recreational market in Washington attracts new consumers who are interested in the convenience of a pre-roll.
  • A high percentage of “other” options in Colorado (e.g. topicals, cannabis pills, glass pieces, vaporizer chargers) is possibly indicative of the market’s longevity and sophistication.

Take a look at the numbers below, and let us know how they stack up with your own experiences in each of these cannabis markets.

Data Breakdown by State


  1. Edible – 36.31%
  2. Flower – 24.32%
  3. Concentrate – 20.05%
  4. Other – 14.24%
  5. Pre-Roll – 5.08%


  1. Edible – 32.74%
  2. Flower – 26.66%
  3. Concentrate – 22.07%
  4. Other – 13.69%
  5. Pre-Roll – 3.46%
  6. Seeds – 0.93%
  7. Clone – 0.44%


  1. Edible – 40.03%
  2. Other – 23.25%
  3. Flower – 22.74%
  4. Concentrate – 12.02%
  5. Pre-Roll – 1.64%
  6. Clone – 0.26%
  7. Seeds – 0.06%


  1. Flower – 25.64%
  2. Edible – 21.23%
  3. Other – 18.75%
  4. Concentrate – 12.31%
  5. Seeds – 2.24%
  6. Pre-Roll – 1.77%
  7. Clone – 0.55%


  1. Concentrate – 29.54%
  2. Edible – 27.97%
  3. Flower – 18.39%
  4. Other – 17.96%
  5. Pre-Roll – 2.63%
  6. Seeds – 1.83%
  7. Clone – 1.70%


  1. Flower – 31.54%
  2. Edible – 23.85%
  3. Concentrate – 19.28%
  4. Other – 14.23%
  5. Pre-Roll – 10.18%
  6. Seeds – 0.61%
  7. Clone – 0.31%

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