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6 Movie Soundtracks to Listen to While High

February 21, 2017
6 Movie Soundtracks to Listen to While High
Since the dawn of the silver screen, music and movies have gone together like Thelma and Louise. In the old films of yesteryear, when audio technology for spoken dialogue was not yet established, music brought to life the actions and scenes presented to an audience without the use of speech. Since then, tunes in movies have played a large part in manipulating audience emotion and setting tones for dramatic, comedic, horrific, and all manner of theatrical movements.

To celebrate the upcoming Oscars awards ceremony (which airs Sunday, February 26), we compiled a range of movie soundtracks to listen to while high. From past Academy Award winners to general good beats, turn off your screens and instead opt for a pair of headphones to truly soak in these incredible scores.

The Lord of the Rings

This entire adventure series was composed, conducted, produced, and orchestrated by Howard Shore, who contributed more than 10 hours of music for the epic saga. The films’ scores were so enigmatic that two of them took home Academy awards for Best Original Score – one for The Fellowship of the Ring (2002) and one for The Return of the King (2004).

Based on our own personal experience, we couldn’t possibly turn our noses up at one of the best and most emotional instrumental scores punctuating The Lord of the Rings series. From the moment we hear those familiar Hobbit-inspired flutes to the dramatic deep strings regaling Sauron’s lair, listening to this broad soundtrack is a mix of nostalgia and a new sense of adventure. Clear your schedule for hours of bold and beautiful tunes, and be sure to pair this daring collection with the hybrid Hobbit.

Pretty in Pink

Though this film’s soundtrack didn’t take home any awards, it’d be a mistake not to include it in our collection of picks. You’ll be bringing back the ’80s with now-classics (considered “new wave” at the time) played in one of John Hughes’ biggest hits. From bands New Order to The Smiths, we don’t think you’ll mind getting any of these tracks stuck in your head. Dance your heart out and pair this movie soundtrack with the sweet hybrid Pink Kush.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This 1971 children’s classic gave audiences around the world a wild ride that also extends to its assorted soundtrack. From sticky-sweet “The Candy Man” to Charlie’s mother’s lamenting “Cheer-Up Charlie,” all the way to the odd fear-driven track accompanying the infamous tunnel scene, the original Willy Wonka touches on all facets of human emotion. Gather up your favorite candy and pair this soundtrack with its perfect match, sativa Willy Wonka.

Life of Pi

Worldly, charismatic, and just plain beautiful, the Life of Pi score won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Original Music Score as well as the Golden Globe for the same title (composed by Mychael Danna). Cranking up this soundtrack is sure to transport you to faraway lands. We recommend pairing Life of Pi’s gorgeous pieces with the cerebral indica Tiger’s Milk.

Forrest Gump

Reaching gold and platinum status from countries around the world, the Forrest Gump soundtrack is flanked with its own original score as well as a huge array of classic rock pieces. It was nominated for Best Music and Original Score in 1995 (beat out by The Lion King), and it’s definitely not difficult to see why. From Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco” to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson,” be sure to light up the hybrid Jenny Kush and sink into the various tunes of the late greats.


If you’re looking to smoke up alongside tracks that could transport you across planes of time, look no further than the music of Interstellar. We recommend you invest in a little star projector, shut off all the lights in your room, and bask in the mind-blowing complexities of the universe while the Interstellar score quietly plays in your ears. Pair this haunting soundtrack with the indica StarBud or the intense sativa Timewreck.

Have your own soundtrack suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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Hannah Meadows

Hannah Meadows is an associate editor at Leafly, where she contributes to lifestyle content.

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  • Doctor Tarr

    Geez these are the corniest, mundane soundtracks ever made. Back in my day I would quickly say how f’n square is this writer? Surely there are much better soundtracks that warrant notice, besides these c level examples. I can think of literally hundreds that beat these lame choices.

    • Ray Dempsey

      Video game tracks would be good also my favorite would be halo

    • Okay. So. What are these hundreds of soundtracks? Pick a couple and post their names.

  • Para Salin

    Easy Rider.

  • Goldhawk

    I recommend PRIMUS and the Chocolate Factory….I’ve always found it best to listen to Claypool while high…

  • Linda Vee Sado

    Or you can just support struggling Indies like yours truly and listen to their music written while under the influence of some fine sativa 🙂

  • randolini

    Being an old fart, I would choose something like the animated cult favorite “Heavy Metal” or maybe “Up in Smoke.” Add a nice Texas homegrown sativa and a frozen margarita. These would also pair nicely with some shrooms and “Easy Rider.”

  • Raul Tsi

    I am stricken, I say, stricken to the core, my very inner essence, that you did not postulate forth the notion that THE sound track to listen to while partaking of the fine herb is none other than 2001: A Space Odyssey. Beware the many pretenders who merely cover this outstanding rondo of spacey tunes, forsake yon pale imitations and get thee only the actual real sound track. I’d post the IDN but I got high and I know why

    Just kidding. Polydor 831 068-2

  • Doctor Tarr

    Hannah Meadows: just reread my letter and thought it sounded really like a get of my lawn kind of snark. Sorry for that. My I offer up the Soundtrack to Snatch as a peace offering as well as a nomination.

  • Enitria

    Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack from The Keep. Especially the 1994 Blue Moon Records version which has Dinu Pass as the first track.

  • Bowski

    Everything by Trent Reznor! Before the Flood is amazing:)

  • Shantay Lisa Jr Taylor

    Kush and Orange Juice by wiz khalifa, Mac and Devin go to highschool movie soundtrack, and How high movie soundtrack

  • Marcy Mcnally

    Dazed & Confused ! 🙌😉☝

    • raynmakr

      Party at the Moontower…