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Cannabis life advice: On bringing weed into the bedroom

October 22, 2020

Twice a month, American comedian, musician, writer, actor, activist, juggler, and publisher Ngaio Bealum—host of the Netflix show Cooking on High and trivia app Daily Bonfire—answers Leafly reader questions on cannabis, regarding personal use, family, community, state, and country. This week: THC and intimacy.


Dear, Ngaio,

Hey my partner wants to get stoned and fool around. Is this a good idea?

—Annette Flikssenchil


Dear, Annette,

Good idea? THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! The smokey-pokey is one of the best games of all time! Seriously. You will love it. Why? Let me tell you why.

Better yet, I’m gonna have sexpert Chelsea Cebara, the person who formulated the cannabis-infused lube known worldwide as Velvet Swing, tell you about it:

“Why do weed & sex go together? There are a lot of ways to answer this! But the scientific one is the most interesting, I think. Cannabis is a peripheral vasodilator—it increases blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in the body. It’s not hard to see how this enhances sexual response given the major role that blood flow plays. Increased sensitivity, presence, and awesomely, orgasmic potential—meaning longer, stronger, more frequently multiple orgasms are in the offing. This is especially true for topicals!”

I will add that weed can sometimes give you the ability to “microfocus” and concentrate on certain things that you enjoy for long periods of time, if you get my drift. Okay more advice from Chelsea:

“You don’t actually have to get stoned to enjoy the sex-enhancing effects of cannabis. In my work there are a ton of mismatched couples where one person enjoys the intoxication from cannabis and one doesn’t. So if you’re in that boat, give cannabis ‘lube’ a try.”

(:Adene Sanchez/iStock)

“However, systemic, intoxicating cannabis is a world-rocking addition to sex. While not a direct aphrodisiac, cannabis can help remove barriers to your own eroticism—such as self-consciousness and anxiety—while enhancing sensitivity and orgasmic potential. The evergreen advice for all things cannabis holds extra true when it comes to sex: start low, go slow. And definitely don’t start with an edible if you’re inexperienced; if you overdo it, it can lead to an extremely unsexy time.”

Well said. Thanks, Chelsea! Also she says that canna-lubes won’t get you ‘high’ unless you eat a lot of it or put way too much in your bum. And for the lube to be the most effective, you gotta wait like 30 minutes (perfect time for extended foreplay—remember to microfocus) for it to go to work before you ‘go to town,’ if you know what I mean.

Have fun high-humping!

—Ngaio Bealum

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From Ask Ngaio’s email inbox

Re: Secondhand ‘rona smoke

“Quikee Sploof: Grab a pillow, Take the cover off. Exhale into the pillow and put the cover back on when you are done. It works.”

—Ivan van Ogre
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Ngaio Bealum

Ngaio Bealum is an American comedian, musician, writer, actor, activist, juggler and publisher. He hosted the Netflix show Cooking on High, and hosts the trivia app Daily Bonfire. He writes columns in the Sacramento News & Review, and Cannabis Now, answering questions from readers about marijuana and the politics of legalization.

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