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Cannapics: 7 Stunning Images of Cannabis Joints

Published on March 7, 2016 · Last updated September 9, 2022

This week we’ve examined pre-rolls and investigated the chemistry of joints, now we bring you some of the most jaw-dropping images of cannabis joints the Internet has to offer.

As the cannabis industry itself grows, so does the need for skilled cannabis photographers. Fortunately, there are many talented creators entering the space, many of whom share their work online via social media. To accompany our week-long tribute to joints, we wanted to highlight some of the best and most beautiful images of joints yet created.

After reviewing thousands of cannabis images, we’re pleased to present you with some of our very favorites. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed finding them!

Macro photograph of cannabis joint with cannabis oil shaped like a snail on top by Courtney Paige, @SheSmokesJoints

Image Source: @SheSmokesJoints / Tumblr

In the words of the photographer: “Snailed it.”

Macro photograph of ground cannabis flower and cannabis oil at the end of a cannabis joint

Image Source: @northwestgreens / Instagram

Sculpting cannabis oil isn’t the only way to make it look great. The photographer’s expert use of light and color make the image pop, bringing out the golden hues of the extract and deep greens of the dried flower within.

Hand holding cannabis "cross joint" in living room

Image Source: Mr. Smoke and Toke / Flickr

Whether you love them, hate them, profess their brilliance, or deny their functionality, you can’t deny the cross joint has an iconic place in cannabis pop culture.

Man in blue plaid shirt lighting cannabis joint outside at sunset

Image Source: Seagrass Photography / @Instagram

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It’s hard to go wrong with sunset light and a good joint.

Cannabis joint in moody lighting with purple bokeh effects in the background

Image Source: @Resinated_Lens / Instagram

We love seeing cannabis photographed in unique ways. This fun use of colored studio lights and background lights that created the “bokeh” effect is simply beautiful.

Cannabis joint with dried cannabis exposed at the tip and cannabis oil wrapped around the joint

Image Source: @NaturalGanja / Instagram

Colorful strains are great for photography, so is an innovative mind. Artfully arranging the dried flower around the outside of this joint may not be conventional, but it creates a stunning visual effect.

Two friends passing cannabis joint outside

Image Source: Will Jones / Instagram

Sometimes some of the most beautiful moments are the little ones. Sharing a joint with friends is a time-honored tradition, and we love this image that captures that moment so exquisitely.

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Sara Dilley
Sara Dilley
Sara is a photographer and photo editor.
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