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Smoke This, Watch That: Movie and TV Picks for November 2017

November 6, 2017

Settle in cuz the weather’s turning and holiday stress is right around the corner. Mellow out with these strains and TV/movie picks for this month’s issue of Smoke This, Watch That.

Strains to Enjoy

Blackberry Kush

Leafly Blackberry Kush indica cannabis strain

Blackberry Kush is an indica with beautiful and colorful buds that’ll you put you in a nice and comfortable spot. A couple tokes of this and you’ll have a smooth head high that’ll have you ready to post up and watch any and everything listed below.

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Alien Bubba

Leafly Alien Bubba indica cannabis strain

A cross between Alien Kush and Bubba Kush, Alien Bubba will smack you right in the head and sit you right on your ass, which makes it one of the more movie-night approved strains.

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Terminator OG

Leafly Terminator OG indica cannabis strain

The name says it all. Terminator OG is not here to play. It’s a slow burn that’ll hit you in the cranium and have you up and feeling nice, but as it sets in over time, you’ll be slumped over with your relaxation levels at maximum altitude.

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What to Watch in November 2017

While We’re Young (2014)

Genre: Drama/Comedy (movie)

Platform: Netflix

Starring Ben Stiller and Adam Driver, While We’re Young is a flick about an old, washed up documentarian who befriends a young and vibrant documentarian whose friendship ends up taking over the old/washed up dude’s life. It’s one of those movies that feels such like real life that you’re instantly drawn into the characters and the storyline. If you’re a creative person, definitely peep this. It’ll indirectly inspire you to make the most of the best years of your life (when you’re young and your body still works the way you want it to).

The Babysitter (2017)

Genre: Thriller/Comedy (movie)

Platform: Netflix

The Babysitter’s a Netflix original starring Bella Thorne, King Bach, and some other people that you won’t know until they start popping up in everything 2-3 years from now. It’s about a kid who discovers his oversexualized babysitter belongs to a satanic cult, and once he catches them in action, they do everything they can to keep him quiet. It’s not an Oscar nominee by any stretch of the imagination, but dammit, it’s really funny for a lot of stupid reasons, so definitely get high and watch this if you want to get your giggle on.

Security (2017)

Genre: Crime-Thriller/Action (movie)

Platform: Netflix

Ay man, Security is lit. Starring Antonio Banderas, it’s a movie about a former military dude-turned-mall cop that’s tasked with protecting a 11-year old trial witness fleeing from assassins and mercenaries after she pops up at the mall’s front door. It’s one of those straightforward action joints with no real twist, but it’s still exciting because you’re like “There’s absolutely no way they make it out of this.” From beginning to end there’s not a single dull moment, so you’ll be fully locked in, especially if you’re in an elevated state of mind.

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Wheelman (2017)

Genre: Crime-Thriller/Action (movie)

Platform: Netflix

You know those movies that are really good, but still kind of suck, even though they’re really good? This is one of those. Starring Frank Grillo, it’s a movie about a getaway driver who gets played during a botched bank robbery, then has to play the “Do what I say or your family is dead” game with some mystery villain. It’s entertaining and worth your time, even if there’s nothing particularly special about it.

Dawg Fight (2015)

Genre: Documentary (movie)

Platform: Netflix

Dawg Fight’s a documentary about MMA fighter Dada 500 and his “league” of backyard brawls that birthed fighters like Kimbo Slice. On the surface, it’s about fighters trying to make a name for themselves, but at its core, it’s about men from the poverty-stricken Florida suburbs looking for a way out of the hood. It’s sobering and gut-wrenching at times, but damn if it ain’t brilliant. If you’ve never seen it, smoke something and push play on it.

Iverson (2014)

Genre: Documentary (movie)

Platform: Netflix

At this point, there should be no more Allen Iverson documentaries. His story has been told many times in as many ways as possible. But if you aren’t aware of how rough his life was and how he almost lost it all, but was given a chance by John Thompson/Georgetown, you should really push play and watch this. It’ll leave your jaw on the floor and tears in your eyes.

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Generation Iron 2 (2017)

Genre: Documentary (movie)

Platform: Netflix

Generation Iron 2 is a documentary that details the turbulence and stress surrounding the life of a professional bodybuilder. Not only does it give you insight into the business of bodybuilding, it also details the thoughts of high-profile competitors/influencers like Kai Greene, Calum von Moger, and the late Rich Piana. It also details how the professional fitness game has changed for women due to the growth of Instagram butt models. It’s very interesting and very much worth your time.

Michael Che Matters (2016)

Genre: Stand-up comedy special

Platform: Netflix

This is one the funniest stand-ups to drop in recent times. SNL’s own Michael Che hops on stage and talks about everything from cops and guns to white women to abortions to whatever the hell you can think of. And it’s all downright hilarious.

Patton Oswalt: Annihilation (2017)

Genre: Stand-up comedy special

Platform: Netflix

You ever seen a comedian stand on stage and tell jokes about himself, his life, and the tragedy of the love of his life dying unexpectedly in her sleep at age 46? No? Here you go. This shit is dark, it’s deep, but it’s Patton, so he still somehow makes you laugh at all of it. But man. It’s heavy.

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Neo Yokio (2017-present)

Genre: Anime/Comedy (TV)

Platform: Netflix

Neo Yokio is an anime about…well…it’s hard to explain. It’s about a supernaturally gifted teenager navigating through high society and also fashion, love, and life in general. Again, it’s hard to explain, because it’s downright weird and unlike anything that I’ve ever watched, which is exactly why it stars Jaden Smith and is created/written by Ezra Koenig. It’s hilarious, though, one of those witty-type shows that you’ll only get if you get. But you’ll get it. Because you’re one of those witty-type people.

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