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Bask in Pac-Man Nostalgia With These 5 Themed Strains and Products

Published on October 26, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Bask in Pac-Man Nostalgia with These 5 Themed Strains and Products

Pac-Man, everyone’s favorite ravenous little yellow circle, debuted in Japan on May 20, 1980, and made its way to North America on October 26th that same year. Since then, Pac-Man (or “Puck-Man,” as it was originally called) has been honored as the most recognizable video game character and the most successful coin-operated game title by the Guinness Book of World Records.

We’ve all spent some time chasing dots and fruit while being chased by Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, so in honor of Pac-Man, this products roundup features some fun Pac-Man-themed cannabis items that may strike your fancy.

Stoned Pac-Man Game

Stoned Pac-Man web game

What better way to honor the (Pac) man himself than by trying out this free stoner version of the classic game! Stoned Pac-Man will have you munching down cannabis leaves instead of pellets while also on the run from ghost law enforcement instead of the traditional multi-colored specters. This game is sure to entertain — just be on the lookout for those power-up bongs and joints!

Price: Free!

Ghost OG Hybrid Strain

Leafly Ghost OG hybrid cannabis strain

Another good way to celebrate Pac-Man is to toke up on some Ghost OG. While this strain won’t turn you into a haunted spirit consumed with the urge to chase down and hunt Pac-Man, the citrus-smelling hybrid packs a punch that will leave you relaxed and upbeat — the perfect attitude to have for munching down on some power pellets. Other benefits of this strain include pain and insomnia relief, anxiety relief, and a regained appetite, so be sure to use our finder to locate some Ghost OG near you!

Price: Varies; check your local dispensary

Pac-Man Ghost Pendant Carb Cap

Pac-Man Blinky ghost pendant carb cap

This glass ghost pendant carb cap of Blinky, leader of the ghosts and arch-enemy of Pac-Man, can serve as a nice, subtle nod to those cute but haunted figures from the game. Made by the people at M3boro Glass and available on, there’s also an Inky carb cap available if the dark blue ghost suits your tastes better. Each carb cap fits 10mm domeless nails and would be a welcome addition for your rig.

Price: $40.00

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Pac-Man Candy Ghost Sour Tin

Pac-Man candy ghost sour tin

While this product isn’t made specifically with cannabis in mind, these Pac-Man candy ghost tins can serve as both munchies now and then a stash container later! These metal tins contain sour candies and also come designed in the shape and color of either the red ghost, Blinky, or the vulnerable blue ghosts the other ghosts turn into after Pac-Man consumes a power pellet. These tins make a great gift to any stoner (or regular) fan of Pac-Man.

Price: $5.86

Pac-Man Pothead T-Shirt

Pac-Man pothead t-shirt

A good way to stylishly show your stoner support for Pac-Man would be to pick up a Pac-Man Pothead t-shirt from Skreened. This quality tee is made from comfy black cotton and sports a graphic of our yellow hero chasing after his other favorite treat, cannabis leaves! The shirt has a clean look that will be sure to turn heads, so don’t miss out!

Price: $28.15

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