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9 Subtle and Convenient One-Hitter Cannabis Pipes

Published on February 20, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Whether you’re in a time-crunch, experimenting with microdosing, or in need of a small travel companion, the short and sweet one-hitter is the perfect match to a quick and subtle hit. Rising in popularity as the market continually grows, the one-hitter’s convenience and small stature let you light up in those brief moments between everyday responsibilities and hectic, last-minute plans.

Below, check out our picks of savvy and durable one-hitters, then head over to the Leafly strain explorer to load it up with your flower of choice.

Grav Taster Chillum by Stash Lab Technologies

(Courtesy of Grav Labs)

Complete with a glass marble stand to keep it in place, the Grav Labs Chillum packs an elevating punch in a small package. No bigger than a lighter, this taster is the perfect, portable piece.

Price: $9.99

Duo Pipe by Tetra

(Courtesy of Tetra)

Blues and pinks complement the sleek and stunning Duo Pipe from Tetra (designed by Yield). Made with borosilicate glass to ensure a smooth and quality hit, you’ll want to show this one off before lighting up.

Price: $50

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Voltaire Pipe by The Pursuits of Happiness

(Courtesy of Voltaire)

The top in elegant design, The Pursuits of Happiness glaze their hand-made, porcelain Voltaire Pipes with 22-karat gold. Feel extra-fancy when picking out your favorite color and (of course) your favorite strain to load up.

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Price: $75

Taster Pipe by Marley Natural

(Courtesy of Marley Natural)

Hand-blown glass and a removable black walnut mouthpiece go into this elegant taster pipe by Marley Natural. Simple to load and easy to clean, it’s the best pick for on-the-go smoking.

Price: $35

Editor’s note: Marley Natural and Leafly are owned by the same company.

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Bubinga Dugout With Silverstick by Silverstick

(Courtesy of Silverstick)

Including pipe, poker, and extra filters, the Bubinga Dugout contains everything you need for a brisk hit. Throw it in a suitcase or your back pocket–it’s hard to lose this all-in-one, portable dugout.

Price: $55

Soleri Flume by Ben Medansky

(Courtesy of Ben Medansky)

Gorgeously designed with its own built-in stand, the ceramic Soleri Flume by Los Angeles based Ben Medansky is a fresh take on the typical cyndrical one-hitter.

Price: $90

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High Knife by High Knife

(Courtesy of High Knife)

In search of something extra discreet? Check out the High Knife; it’s a one-hitter wrapped in a functional pocket knife complete with tweezers and can opener—among other everyday tools. Bring it on your next adventure or camping trip as a practical tool of choice.

Price: $50

The Wand by Jane West

(Courtesy of Jane West)

Jane West takes clever design to a new level with The Wand. It looks just like a tube of mascara, making this piece the most discreet. Drop it in your bag before a night on the town for a downplayed toke.

Price: $38

Glassheads Chillum by Smoke Cartel

(Courtesy of

Nothing beats beautiful glass designs and the Glassheads Chillum from Smoke Cartel is no exception. Blue swirls sink into thick, durable glass, so you can take it anywhere for a super-fast blaze.

Price: $34

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