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The Avid Dabber: A Review of the Magma Travel Bag

Published on November 26, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

When you travel as often as I do, you appreciate the utility of a good travel bag. Whether I’m headed to a friend’s house or packing for a long trip, having a bag that keeps my smokeware safe and all my cannabis accessories tucked away discreetly makes life much easier.

Hard-shelled Pelican cases are the go-to for glass accessories and a stylish backpack is hard for me to pass up. But recently, I was gifted a padded travel bag and wanted to give it a test run. When a friend invited me over to christen their new apartment with a smoke session, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for a proper bag check.

The Magma by Dime Bags

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

The Magma padded dab station from Dime Bags is a versatile bag with a large silicone mat to dab off of—plus loads of pockets and pouches to store any of the accessories you need to light up any smoke session. It’s made of Hempster, a composite of hemp fibers and recycled polyester that makes it durable and stylish while honoring the plant we all love.

What’s in the Bag?

The Magma is roomy enough to store everything you need for your next dabbing sesh. Here’s a closer look at all the dankness I was able to carry in mine.

Dab Rig, Torch, & Fuel

The plush, padded main compartment cradles my custom aquamarine dab rig (blown by Chosen One) while the matching carb cap slides into one of the many interior pockets. This leaves plenty of room to tuck in my Stok torch and a spare canister of fuel.

Hash Stash

The main pocket also has room for my Terp Chiller travel case (which keeps my concentrates cold, preserving terpenes to keep my hash fresh and flavorful). I can fit most of my head stash inside the Terp Chiller along with its two small ice packs to keep things cold. Inside the Terp Chiller is:

  • Mocha 6-star ice wax from Pacific NW Roots
  • Peppermint Cookies 6-star ice wax from Polar Icetracts
  • Zkittlez live resin from Cold Smoke Concentrates
  • Purple Punch wax from SubDivision
  • Lemon Pina live resin from Phantom Farms and Lunchbox Alchemy
Leafly’s guide to live resin


I never leave home without some proper buds to roll up. Thanks to the exterior compartments and the smell-proof bag it comes with, I could have fit much more flower in the Magma, but kept things simple by packing one of my favorite strains, White Tahoe Cookies from Gold Leaf Gardens.

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No session is complete without the tools needed to roll up, clear bowls, or serve dabs. A few assorted dab tools slip into the interior pouches of the Magma, which I protect with some parchment to avoid a sticky, oily mess.

I always clean my banger with isopropyl alcohol and Q-Tips, and the ISO Tips from Kandypens make it easy by combining them into a single, easy package.

Lastly, I threw in some papers from my friends at Uplifted Cannabis and a spark from the Noble Farms lighter I’ve somehow managed to hang on to for months.

A good travel bag can go a long way and the Magma from Dime Bags has everything I need to protect my glass, store my stash, and keep everything secure while I’m on the move. The only thing that would improve the Magma is a few velcro straps inside the padded compartment for extra peace of mind.

How do you keep your stash safe when you travel? Share your favorite stash bags in the comments section below or on Instagram using the #aviddabber hashtag.

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