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America’s powerhouse pre-rolls of Labor Day and fall ’22

Published on August 30, 2022 · Last updated September 29, 2022
What’s the best pre-roll? Leafly’s ganja guide points out America’s best joints, blunts, cones, hash holes and more. Pictured: Your Highness hash hole, … (Sasha Beck, David Downs/Leafly)
What’s the best pre-roll? Leafly’s ganja guide points out America’s best joints, blunts, cones, hash holes and more. Pictured: Your Highness hash hole, Terphogz, and Pacific Stone. (Sasha Beck, David Downs/Leafly)

We’ve labored. Now it’s our day. Put some smoke in the air, America.

Americans buy mad weed before the end-of-summer break, and pre-rolls always see a sales bump.

While the best joints remain freshly rolled, millions of cones sold each month in the legalization states testify to their awesomeness. Whether you’re running out the door to a party, on a weekend getaway, celebrating that surf sesh, or date night—pre-made joints just work.

Gone are the days of mystery doobs. Legalization mandates purity and potency testing, along with more transparency and accountability. We prefer the freshest farm-direct rolls from top-shelf growers. We ball out with luxury blunts and huge ‘cannons’ filled with solventless hash—dubbed hash holes, wormholes, and donut holes.

Leafly News’ experts proudly serve up this powerhouse pre-roll list for Labor Day and fall 2022, focusing on 11 legalization states. Here are the doinks that delight us, take home the gold, sell out at stores, and blow up on Instagram. Just add flame.

California single-source joints, blunts, hash holes

Seed Junky Genetics—Purple Octane

Check the manufacturing date on every roll. Buy fresh. (David Downs/Leafly)
Check the manufacturing date on every roll. Buy fresh. (David Downs/Leafly)

Avoid a stale cone by asking the budtender for single-source brands that roll what they grow. There’s less opportunity for third-party shenanigans. Leading California breeder Seed Junky Genetics grows, grinds, and packs their own pre-rolls in Northridge, CA.—setting the bar for flavor and potency in a flower roll. Purple Octane’s mix of (Biscotti x Sherb BX1) x (Jealousy F2) has the flavor of the moment: grapes and gas that set you back. It’s one of Seed Junky co-founders JBeezy and Wes’ favorites of the year. The killers behind Kush Mints, Wedding Cake, and Jealousy also bring their special set of skills to Michigan for Labor Day this year.

Jungle Boys—Zack’s Pie

Another team that rolls what they grow in LA—exotic bosses Jungle Boys work Wedding Cake x Grape Pie for a Wedding Pie in honor of their team member, Zack. Feel free to break out the scale, Jungle Boys weigh each gram joint fat. Ours averaged about 1.2g to 1.3g. The nose on Zack’s Pie has sweet floral notes while the smoke brings out more of that sugary cake-ish aspect that’s also shrouded in grape-like must. The buzz will leave you feeling chill and semi-sedated without couchlock. Perfect for a bonfire or Stranger Things marathon. Best pre-roll bang for your buck in SoCal? The Jungle Boys are king.

For more farm-direct freshness, see also: Terphogz, 710 Labs, LitHouse, Green Dragon, Heisenbern, and Pacific Stone.

Louie the XIII Hand Rolled “Cigarettes”

Don’t let the name fool you, these thick, glass-tipped beauties are filled with nothing but well-cultivated indoor flower grown to the strict standards of the man, the myth, the legend himself, OG Louie the XIII. OG Louie the XIII helped create the OG Kush varietal Louie the XIII. Each quarter-ounce pack comes with six individually wrapped, hand-rolled joints that weigh in at 1.2g a piece filled with bright green gassy yet sweet-smelling Louie the XIII OG. The scent translates to the taste perfectly and after a couple hits of that classic vaporous sweetness you know you’re dealing with some real deal OG. The quick head change hits slightly racy and strong. It makes even water taste good. They pair perfectly with a day at the beach, some volleyball, or a backyard BBQ; as long as the guests don’t mind the loud.

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Farmer and the Felon x Kalya Champion Infused Series

(Courtesy Farmer and the Felon)
(Courtesy Farmer and the Felon)

Infused joints used to be like the county fair corndogs of cannabis. Only the chef knew the recipe, and you didn’t want to ask. Nowadays, they’re mind-bending modern luxury set pieces with their own press releases and lab scores. Game on.

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Commemorate the Emerald Cup-winning flavors Lemon Sponge Cake, Double OG Chem, and Sticky Buns with a gram of top-shelf, trophy-holding cannabis flower, plus equally elite ice water hash. Farmer and the Felon and Kalya Extracts each took home a trunk of hardware from the industry judges. The team uses breeder Rebel Grown’s genetics to conjure thick cookie or OG flavors and mountainously THC effects.

Raw Garden Infused Joints

(Courtesy Raw Garden)
(Courtesy Raw Garden)

One of the single biggest sources on the planet for single-source has gotta be Raw Garden. The state leader in dabs and carts moved into infused flower with the Raw Garden Infused Joints line this year. The Buellton, CA outdoor operation applies micronized live resin crushed diamonds onto a valley of buds, for a super-flavorful, strong joint every time. No trim. No terpene additives ever. The 3-packs run 30-40% THC. We like it, Raw Garden.

There’s so much more in California’s infused joints. See also: Artisan Zoap x Hash Assassins Gas Tank #5 wormhole; Sunset Connect hash-infused dogwalkers; CLSICS Trifecta; Heavy Hitters Diamond 3-pack, Tradecraft Farms Blazed Donut Hole, Presidential Moon Rock blunt minis, and Wildland Haze Hash Infused.

America’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022

Best Colorado cones and infused rolls


(Courtesy Veritas)
(Courtesy Veritas)

Colorado’s original craft cannabis brand gets into the joint potency race with a gram of single-strain whole flower and .25 grams of pure bubble hash. It’s hard to get closer or truer to the plant. Veritas INFVSED launches with Tart Pops #3 and Miracle Alien Cookies as the flower. The first batch of hash? A kamikaze-like mix of Big Bubba Diesel, Layer Cake, Amarelo, and Sueno. Strap in.

710 Labs

(Courtesy 710 Labs)
(Courtesy 710 Labs)

Some people bring a nice bottle of wine to the dinner party. Real ones bring a 710 Labs hand-rolled noodle-tipped joint stuffed full of top-shelf colas. Both go for under $20. 710 Labs only ships fire, and their evolving Colorado offerings currently include Rainbow Belts and Boo Berry.

Natty Rems

Oasis in Denver carries a deep stash of award-winning grower brand Natty Rems’ rolls like Peach Maraschino, Marshmallow OG, and 7-joint packs of Triangle Kush.

America’s yummiest THC gummies of summer 2022

Oregon single-source infused and regular pre-rolls

PDX Organics

(Courtesy PDX Organics)
(Courtesy PDX Organics)

Around since 2013, PDX Organics’ small-batch hand-crafted Lit Sticks are 100% bud, with no stems or leaves. They also make Bluntz in Panda Puffs, Crepes (Pancakes (London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints) x Project 4516), Cherry Cookies (Cherry Cookies and Trophy Wife), and White Truffle (Gorilla Butter).

Decibel Farms

(Courtesy Decibel Farms)
(Courtesy Decibel Farms)

Decibel Farms touts its organic, sustainable, single-source, greenhouse and outdoor that’s all 100% fire for flower, rosin, and joints. Check the Trebles and Basslines packs, as well as the LOUDS—infused rolls using the flower, rosin, and hash from a single strain to create a symphony of delicious flavor and effect that burns like a fine cigar. Decibel paints the rosin on the paper for strains line MAC Herer, and Donkey Butter.

Deep Creek Gardens

Looking to break out of the cookies rut? Deep Creek Gardens has some pretty unique flavors like Kiwi (Ice Queen x Blue Heron), Pineapple Fields (Kali Snapple X Ms. Universe), and the CBD-joint Sour Web 2:1.

Quantum Alchemy

Also try to catch Quantum Alchemy’s award-winning, soil-grown, hand-watered, craft cannabis. They grow from seed in Oregon City, OR, and avoid salt-based nutrients to boost terpenes and the entourage effect. Regular and infused pre-rolls and packs on offer like Tropical Sunset Mimosa with Orange Cream extract, and Watermelon Magic kief.


One more for OR: Entourage’s small family-owned, permaculture operation always has fresh regular, and infused rolls like Fruit Cookiez X Willamette Purple; Blue Cheese x Deadhead OG; and White Runtz x Strawberry Cheesecake.

Watch this: How weed rosin carts are made

Washington’s best infused or exotic pre-rolls

Lifted Sugarstix

Indoor Tacoma, WA grower/extractors Lifted bring the party with Sugarstix—single-source top-shelf flower plus sugar crystal extract. Hand-packed, hand-twisted, in king-size Raw cones in a glass tube, Sugarstix flavors include Boysenberry Creme Brulee, White Truffle, Apple Fritter, Garlic Icing, Floridaman, Memoirs of a Gorilla, and Designer Runtz.

Fifty Folds Snickerdoobie

A boutique, local delicacy—Fifty Folds’Snickerdoobie tastefully infuses highest-shelf, small-batch, artisanal, never-touched bud with kief. Current strains of note: Molten Lava, Lemon Buckeye, Slushious, and Super Lemon Haze.

Secret Gardens

Top-shelf Washington grower Secret Gardens has 100,000 watts of fire that it turns into fresh joints. On tap: White Truffle, Cap’s Frozen Lemons (Freezer Burn x Lemon Fire), and Baller Candy.

See also: Phat Panda, Falcanna, and Tranquil Forest.

Arizona’s hottest infused pre-rolls

Arizona’s infused cone scene heated up this year. Here are a few standouts.

Jeeter infused

Sometimes you want some fine natural wine. Other times you feel like a Slurpee. (Courtesy Jeeter)
Sometimes you want some fine natural wine. Other times you feel like a Slurpee. (Courtesy Jeeter)

California’s infused, flavored pre-roll brand Jeeter has exploded into Arizona and Michigan, where they’re adding fans of their colorful, infused party joints. Flavored joint lovers buy Jeeters by the case, and they come in an array of vibrant concoctions. For example, the Churros Infused gram joint is indoor infused with distillate and kiefed to 42.17% THC. The Churros strain is three OG Kushes—Face Off OG x SFV OG x OG Kush.

MPX diamond rolls

Melting Point Extracts veteran hash team collaborates with top-shelf growers on a line of diamond rolls with 0.8 grams of flower and 0.2 grams live resin diamonds. We’d scoop the Lemon Tree x Tangie Kandy Cookies; Sticky Cake x Shoki; or Sweethearts x Gas Pedal.

Item 9 Labs

(Courtesy Item 9 Labs)
(Courtesy Item 9 Labs)

Premium cultivator/extractor Item 9 Labs keeps AZ smokin’ trendy with Z-Cubed. Item 9 also debuts the Cosmic Crumble line—a 7-pack of half-gram, crumble-infused joints that test at around 40% THC. Flavors include Tres Leches flower x Lemon Cherry Gelato; and Dosi Punch x Alien Fire Fruit.

Nevada pre-roll sure bets


(Courtesy Packwoods)
(Courtesy Packwoods)

When in Sin City, tuck into a scandalous party blunt. We didn’t make the rules. Packwoods kind of runs the infused blunts game in Nevada. The Classic touts 2 grams of indoor flower, hand-broken, hand-rolled, and infused with THC oil, dusted in kief, then rolled in wrap, with a custom glass filter. Too intense? Hand out Packarillos minis at the bachelor party. Hype strains include Apple Mintz, Pink Rozay, or El Chapo.


For flower rolls in Nevada, The Grower’s Circle runs verified, elite, artisan-crafted flower like Black Runtz x Pellegreeno, Project 4510, and Georgia Pie. They also have live hash rosin-infused, glass-tip options with 1.5 grams of 100% flower and a half-gram of live hash rosin.

See also: Cannabiotix L’Orange, Casino Kush.

Michigan’s best pre-rolls

Legalization has Michigan turned up. The best of other states have come to grow alongside local pros. 


Boutique Lansing brand Element just took a Cannabis Cup in the infused category—super-strong and slow-burning—50% live resin and 50% premium flower in Lemon Cherry Gelato or Grape Diesel. Crazy.


Localgrove Harrison Township’s Cup-winning indoor, hand-trim operation has Zookies, Cherimoya, Trufflez, 5-packs of Runtz, Breath Mintz, or Fatso; and Lil’ Grove dogwalkers in First Class Funk.

North Coast Growers

North Coast Growers teamed up with Pressure Pack and others on an awe-inspiring array: canons of Candy Applez, Rainbow Zkittlez, or Moonbow blunts—each with 2 grams. They also do donut holes at 62% THC. Mmm, donuts.

Garcia Hand-Picked

Jerry Garcia’s weed brand people have done a fine job picking the pot for their 5-packs like Cap’s Frozen Lemons, Burmese Mimosa, or Florida Kush.

See also:Wonderbrett, Lightsky Farms.

Illinois dogwalkers take off


A dogwalker burns in about the time it takes to walk the dog around a couple of blocks. The Dogwalkers line of small cones come in Rebel Sour and Sherb Mints, as well as classic strains like Jack and Sour D. For the cookout, the Dogwalkers Big Dog comes in at 0.75g. Also in NV, FL, MD, and MA.

New legalization states of 2022

Come on in, new shoppers in legalization states Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico—the ganja is fine.

Montana pre-roll pick

package of pre-rolls with half gram pre-roll leaning against it
Fun fact: A pack of seven pre-rolls brings you good luck. (Courtesy of Borealis Natural Gardens)

Tucked away amidst the lush pine forests of northwestern Montana near Glacier National Park, the tight-knit team at Borealis Natural Gardens embraces uber-sustainable Korean Natural Farming techniques to grow some of Montana’s finest flower. Fortunately for cannabis consumers on the go, their small-batch, living soil bud is available in half-gram pre-rolls. On a recent recon trip to shops near Glacier, I picked up some of their Guava Mints Gelato. The balanced hybrid proved to be a knock-out: Packing a subtle aroma of tropical fruit and pleasant, tobacco-like musk, it provided a gentle, euphoric high and an extremely smooth smoking experience.

New Jersey pre-roll pick

New Jersey’s barely got its legal scene going for Labor Day this year, so we’re still learning more. Our readers enjoy the Verano chain brand of single-source singles and 5-packs in Cherry Gorilla, Beach Cake, and Motorbreath. Cookies recent arrival at Apothecarium’s 3 NJ locations means pre-rolls of Pink Rozay, Apples & Bananas, Gary PaytonCereal MilkJealousy and Day Day are now available as well.

New Mexico pre-roll pick

Freshly legal in 2022 with medical supplies serving recreational customers. Road trippers, don’t miss legal New Mexi-rolls from Roswell, New Mexico’s biggest farm; Pecos Valley Production; including strains Jelly Breath, and GMO. 

And that’s probably too much for our Labor Day pre-roll picks. Time to put our feet up, America, and burn one down.

Leafly editorial contractor Max Savage Levenson, and West Coast Weed Reviews’ Richard Beck contributed to this report.

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