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Best weed shops near Glacier National Park

Published on July 6, 2022 · Last updated June 21, 2023
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(Max Savage Levenson for Leafly)

From the majestic Going-to-the-Sun Road and the tranquil surface of Lake McDonald to the occasional moose-chases-bear spectacle, Glacier National Park abounds with stunning nature.

Recreational cannabis sales began in Montana on January 1, 2022, and the region that borders Glacier to the south and west—which includes the hubs of Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls—boasts a terrific selection of shops that cater to adults 21 and older. 

Want to know which strains and products are flying off the shelves, which shops are closest to the airport and the park itself, and how much money you should expect to spend on your visit? 

Leafly has you covered. 

Don’t forget: Since the national park is on federal land, it remains illegal to consume marijuana or marijuana products there. As Leafly has reported, getting busted with weed at a national park can carry huge penalties.

All recreational marijuana and marijuana products are subject to a flat 20% sales tax in Montana. Flathead County, where Kalispell and nearby towns are located, adds an additional 3% local sales tax. Medical patients pay 4% tax.

Big Mountain Botanicals

close up of purple green weed nugs in glass jar
Say cheese! Gorilla Gouda from Big Mountain Botanicals. (Max Savage Levenson for Leafly)

Big Mountain Botanicals provides an extremely polished and professional shopping experience for novice consumers and cannasseurs alike. 

While BMB’s original shop in Columbia Falls is a stone’s throw from Glacier Park International AIrport, their new location in Whitefish—housed in a former gym turned church, and pictured here—is much more expansive.

The brand-new pot emporium is easy to navigate, and notably comfortable. A handful of out-of-the-way low-slung couches provide a nice spot to take a breather (or play with BMB’s two adorable shop dogs, Littlefoot and Honey). Customers can check out the shop’s primo bud in free-standing display stands before getting in line to make a purchase.

smiling man in front of long wooden sales counter with glass cases displaying cannabis products
Jesse Miller, CEO of Big Mountain Botanicals. (Max Savage Levenson for Leafly)

BMB boasts some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable budtenders in Montana. Their new Whitefish store opened just one week before my visit in June, and it was already running remarkably smoothly.

The team curates a great mix of in-house strains and products, and excellent providers from around the state. I’m a huge fan of their indica-leaning O’Cheese and Gorilla Gouda (both go for $36 per eighth, which includes Montana’s 20% tax). The shop’s various strains run $30 to 42 per eighth.

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Looking for a super mellow, low-dose way to wind down after a long hike? Big Mountain also sells in-house 100mg CBD gummies that never fail to soothe my mind and body alike.

The best cannabis shops near Yellowstone National Park

Cannabis Counter at Haskill Creek

shop interior, lots of wood and a big shelf full of ceramic deli jars
(Courtesy of Cannabis Counter at Haskill Creek)

If Martha Stewart designed a pot shop and dropped it in the back of a high-end general store, it would probably look something like Cannabis Counter at Haskill Creek.

Cannabis Counter showcases excellent flower, a handful of uncommon products, and environmentally-conscious business practices. I love their flavorful 2 milligram microdose gummies, available in daytime and nighttime formulas ($28, pre-tax for a pack of 20 gummies). 

Their disposable vapes ($45, before tax) are super terpy. Return them to the shop for recycling, and get 5% off your next purchase.

green disposable vape cart next to packaging, with pot leaf displayss
(Courtesy of Cannabis Counter at Haskill Creek)

The shop presents its top-shelf flower in gorgeous ceramic deli-style jars. I’m a huge fan of The Soap ($40 per eighth, pre-tax), a gentle sativa known for its euphoric and aphrodisiac effects. Cannabis Counter sells glass stash jars that customers can bring in when they re-up; the smooth move earns you an additional 5% discount.

406 Farmacy

If you’re looking for a more old-school dispensary experience, we recommend checking out the family-owned-and-operated 406 Farmacy in Whitefish. The shop gets lots of love from locals, and after visiting, it’s clear why

406 has a cheery and welcoming vibe. Its two sales counters, at opposite ends of the store, make it easy to navigate the smaller space. 

looking down into glass jar full of light green weed nugs
406 Farmacy grows some top-notch Oreoz. (Max Savage Levenson for Leafly)

I picked up some of the shop’s super chill Oreoz, a delightful cross of Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon (all flower sells for $46 per eighth, including taxes). Expertly cured, the bud smelled fabulously flavorful, and smoked extremely smoothly.

The shop boasts a wide selection of edibles: Not just your standard gummies and caramels, but cream pies, frosting, hard candy, and cake pops, too.


shop interior, with wooden floors, long wooden sales counter and leather chairs in corner
Welcome to Ember! (Courtesy of Ember)

Situated in downtown Columbia Falls, Ember is one of the closest shops to Glacier National Park. Clean and professional, the store offers a mix of in-house products and those sourced from other providers. 

The shop notably provides substantial benefits for local veterans: Not just an all-day, everyday 10% discount, but a fund to help veterans acquire their medical marijuana cards.

I love their selection of Borealis Natural Gardens’ flower, available for $30 to 35 per eighth, pre-tax. The nearby grow operation leans into Korean Natural Farming techniques: They let praying mantises munch on pests, let their plants grow in rich, living soil that includes composted vegetation and bugs, and avoid pesticides. Their outstanding strains, like Guava Mints Gelato and Cold Snap, leave as much of an impression as the methods used to grow them

For edibles, Ember boasts an in-house chocolate brand Firewatch: A pack of five squares, each containing 10 milligram of THC, sells for $15 pre-tax. The shop also sells tins of the ubiquitous low-dose gummies from High Road Edibles, for $21 pre-tax.

Montana Canna Co.

long, low-slung green-gray dispensary at sunset
Who needs fireworks? Montana Canna in Kalispell. (Courtesy of Montana Canna)

Located a few miles outside of Kalispell, Montana Canna has become a haven for genetics nerds.  Housed in a small shop on a pretty, winding road, Montana Canna leans into classics like LA Kush Cake and a high-testing Blue Dream. But it’s their forays into more obscure strains—Violet Fog, Mellowz, RBC—that sets them apart in the local market.

Owner Zach Block noted that the busy summer has cleared them out of a lot of product, but a series of new strains—Sub-Zero, Apples and Bananas, Zelatti, and Red Dragon—will hit shelves in mid-July. 

The shop sells all its flower deli-style, for $40/eighth, including tax.

Other shops to check out:

man in white sweatshirt holding big jar of dark green nugs
Woof! It’s the Dawg Waltz from Lifted Meds in Kalispell (Max Savage Levenson for Leafly)

Fruit Factory

Around the corner from Ember in Columbia Falls (with additional locations in Kalispell and Libby), this expansive shop offers impressive-looking bud from a handful of growers across Montana in a clean and cheery space.

Garden Mother

The new Kalispell shop, the first outpost of the veteran and beloved Missoula institution, Garden Mother has a reputation for great flower and regular deals. 

Lifted Meds

Well-stocked, with a large concentrates selection, Lifted Meds’s well-staffed store in Kalispell provides efficient service at solid prices: Pre-packaged eighths sell for $25, pre-tax.

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