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Anxious pup? Soothe dog distress with a little CBD

July 1, 2018
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Is your favorite thunder-buddy experiencing a touch of anxiety? Are fireworks, loud construction noises, or the slamming of doors getting you worried about his state of mind? Then consider CBD made just for furry friends.


5 Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Your Pets

Along with humans, animals of all sorts have their own endocannabinoid systems that can benefit from the introduction of hemp-CBD. Though THC is never a good idea as it can greatly intensify a dog’s anxiety, CBD can act as a calming agent, soothing pet stress without the nasty side effects.

Never introduce THC into your pet’s routine. Instead, opt for these CBD treats and tinctures that will come in handy once the fireworks light up or that damn car alarm just won’t shut off.

Vitality 100 by Phyto Animal Health

(Courtesy of Phyto)

Phyto Animal Health partnered with veterinarians to bring you a full-spectrum CBD liquid. Minimally processed with organic coconut oil, your dog will feel calm and collected when she gets a dose of the soothing Vitality 100. The full bottle clocks in at 100mg CBD with 1-2mg recommended per serving.

Price: $34

Canine Dog Treats by Cured Nutrition

(Courtesy of Cured)

Your good boy will jump for joy when he gets a taste of the simple yet powerful Canine Dog Treats from Cured Nutrition. With only five ingredients and no wheat, these 4mg CBD bites may promote sleep and calm anxiety. Bonus: they’re 100% organic. 

Price: $23.95

Daily Pet CBD Capsules by Hemp Doctors USA

(Courtesy of Hemp Doctors USA)

Infused capsules aren’t just for humans, they also have a spot in your pet’s healthy routine. Not specific to dogs or cats, but for any mammal between 15-60 pounds, the Daily Pet CBD Capsules from Hemp Doctors USA are both vegan and gluten-free with a boost of essential phytonutrients.

Price: $59


Your Dog, Cat, or Other Animal Ate High-THC Cannabis: What to Do

CBD Hemp Oil by Austin and Kat

(Courtesy of Austin and Kat)

Paired with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, your dog will love the taste of Austin and Kat’s canine-delicious CBD Hemp Oil. Choose between 100mg and 300mg of this powerful tincture for both anti-anxiety effects and a surge of Omega-3 and -6.

Price: $64.95

CBD Soft Chew Bites by GoGreen Hemp

(Courtesy of GoGreen Hemp)

Made for ease of delivery, you won’t have to think twice with these simply dosed 2mg CBD Soft Chew from GoGreen Hemp. Give your dog a couple of these all-natural treats before a fireworks show and they may feel sense of calm before you know it.

Price: $34.99

Hard Chews by Treatibles

(Courtesy of Treatibles)

Treatibles come in a variety of flavors, from Turkey to Blueberry to Pumpkin. Your dog will never get bored of this phytocannabinoid rich treat that’s also grain free for a healthier alternative. Each treat offers 1mg-4mg of hemp-CBD as the perfect microdose option.

Price: $24

Find More Pet-Friendly CBD Products at Your Nearest Dispensary

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