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Taste Some Terps: Try These Products With High Terpene Content

Published on May 24, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Terpenes are complex chemical compounds that exist throughout nature. When you breathe deeply among pine trees, you’re inhaling terpenes. When you slice into a ripe orange for breakfast, you’re releasing terpenes. These pungent chemicals are playing a larger role in what we know about how cannabis affects us, and knowledgeable consumers continue to hunt down products rich in these odoriferous compounds.

What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

Below is a short list of both specific and general products that really bring the flavors to the forefront. This list barely scratches the surface, especially with new strains of cannabis and infused products coming to market all the time. If you’ve got a favorite terpene-rich product or brand, share it in the comments section so you can spread some love to companies that are elevating this noble flower.

Terpene-Based Cannabis Products

Terpene-driven products are designed by and for cannabis enthusiasts looking to concentrate and refine flavor. This type of appreciation isn’t better, just drastically more specific, as natural, cannabis-derived terpenes exist in much smaller quantities when compared to the THC and CBD percentages of most strains. This means terpene-rich products must derive from terpene-rich cannabis, which is its own special task to acquire and cultivate, especially for mass production. We’ve selected a few terpy treats to demonstrate the unique and flavorful products producers are creating for the discerning cannabis palate.

Fresh Terps by EvoLab


(Courtesy of EvoLab)

This CO2 extracted cannabis concentrate captures strain-specific, full spectrum cannabinoid profiles. Dabbing Fresh Terps is comparable to hitting fresh bud, but in a distilled and concentrated form. Fresh Terps is predominantly terpenes, but it also contains about 20% cannabinoids, making it a fantastic addition to the end of a joint or the top of a bowl to increase potency while amping up flavor.

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Oleum Terp Sugar


(Courtesy of Oleum Extracts)

Terp Sugar from Oleum has an intense high that sticks to the bones. This product is not only flavorful, but the effects seem to linger in both the body and mind a bit longer than an average concentrate. It might just be me, but generally, the effects of flower and concentrates with higher terpene percentages seem to possess a bit more longevity.

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Terp Sauce by Headstash

Terp Sauce by Headstash

(Courtesy of ZenLeaf)

Terp Sauce is a potent cannabis concentrate created from high concentrations of cannabis-derived terpenes and THC distillate. This viscous liquid can be dabbed or vaporized in refillable concentrate cartridges.

Kush Candles 

(Courtesy of Kush Candles)

Kush Candles are infused with four of the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis: limonene, pinene, linalool, and myrcene. My coworker burns the Lemon Haze candle from time to time and it is quite pleasant.

Products That Deliver a Fuller Terpene Experience


(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Having a good dab is only half the battle when it comes to hitting a good dab. There is a variety of cannabis accessories designed to expedite and elevate the ritual of cannabis consumption, but only a few specifically attuned to the needs of terpene hunters. Check out this set of go-to tools and accessories that will expand the gamut of flavors you have access to while consuming cannabis flower or concentrates.

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An e-nail is a must for any serious dabber. You can take fat dabs with a torch of an e-nail, but the e-nail is the only method that gives you acute control over your temperature. This is important because different terpenes and cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures. This means in order to maneuver from product to product while getting the most out of each terpene and/or cannabinoids profile, you need temperature.

Buy an E-Nail

Hemp Wicks

A hemp wick is exactly what it sounds like. This rope-like wick is usually wrapped around a lighter and used in lieu of direct flame. The flavor of flower is generally enhanced by using hemp wicks because you aren’t adding any extra chemicals to the combustion process.

Stock Up on Hemp Wicks


Vaporizers, like e-nails, give you control over your temperature. This is doubly important when vaporizing flower because the possibility for combustion is a little bit higher. But just as with an e-nail, having control over your temperature will allow you to evaluate and enjoy a more comprehensive array of chemicals native to the cannabis flower.

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Quartz Nails

Quartz nails are one of the cleanest and most stable types of dabbing bowls. Usually found as a nail or banger, quartz heats up relatively easily, making it somewhat predicable when reaching your preferred dabbing temperature. This clean material doesn’t impart flavor to your product and also has a nice visual aesthetic.

Get Some Quartz Tech

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic is such a clean, inert material that many dabbers consider it to be the purest way to dab. The purity of the ceramic mixed with its ability to hold heat allow dabbers to take bigger, cleaner dabs. Ceramic nails take a little more work to dial in, but once you get your timing right, they’re a welcome asset to your terp hunting arsenal.

Try Ceramic Nails

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