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These Are the Hottest New Dispensaries That Opened in 2017

Published on December 22, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Courtesy of NuWu)

As you know from our dispensary finder, Leafly is laden with incredible dispensaries both new and old. In 2017, thanks to the openings of new medical and adult-use markets as well as the growth and evolution of every existing one, we saw more exciting new openings than ever before, and wanted to spotlight just a few of the places we’re excited about as we head into 2018.

Scroll down to see listings in your region, and click through to view more details and their cannabis menus. Most of all, stop by their stores and check them out for yourself—you just might find a new all-time favorite.


Great Northern Cannabis

(Courtesy of Great Northern Cannabis)

Anchorage, AK

Great Northern Cannabis is gorgeous, well-lit, and expertly stocked with great cannabis from bottom shelf to top.

View menu here.

The Stoney Moose

Ketchikan, AK

Right on the water in Ketchikan, The Stoney Moose

View menu here.


The Mint Dispensary

(Courtesy of Mint)

Guadalupe, AZ

The back wall of The Mint is dominated by a massive mural of a bank vault-style door opening onto an outdoor cannabis grow, which we think is dope.

View menu here.


Phoenix, AZ

Sleek and streamlined, we love MüV in North Phoenix not only for its aesthetic but also for its community involvement (e.g., they recently wrapped up a holiday toy drive for mothers and soon-to-be-mothers in need).

View menu here.

Midtown Roots

(Courtesy of Midtown Roots)

Phoenix, AZ

The crew at Midtown Roots is friendly and fun, and their downtown dispensary is a lively, well-lit location that welcomes patients of all kinds as they select from quality cannabis.

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View menu here.

British Columbia

A Little Bud

(Courtesy of A Little Bud)

Abbotsford, BC

A Little Bud opened over the summer, and already managed to land a spot on our Leafly List for Winter 2017. Brick walls and reclaimed-style wood make their interior absolutely lovely.

View menu here.


Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA)

(Courtesy of SCVA)

Santa Cruz, CA

You’ve heard us talk about SCVA more than once this year, and with good reason—great people doing great work in the veteran community (and growing such incredible cannabis) deserve the recognition.

Coachella Valley Church

San Jose, CA

In a super-cool old church building with eclectic interior décor, Coachella Valley Church makes for a unique experience beloved by locals and visitors alike.

View menu here.

Exhalence LA

(Courtesy of Exhalenece LA)

Sun Valley, CA

It’s huge, it’s colorful, it’s tech-savvy and well-stocked—Exhalence LA is a new fave, where you can even peer at the grow room through a big window in the wall.

View menu here.


Seed & Smith

Denver, CO

Freshly opened in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood, Seed & Smith is a modern, streamlined, and artsy space that offers visitors full tours of their facility.

View menu here.


(Courtesy of Levels)

Lakewood, CO

Wide-open spaces and plenty of windows make for a downright elegant design scheme, and Levels also kills it on the product front, with a curated menu and plenty of knowledge behind the counter.

View menu here.



Multiple locations, FL

Florida dispensary chain Trulieve opened several new stores this year, and are intent on serving all of Florida with branches everywhere from Pensacola to Miami. Stop into one of their stores and tell us it doesn’t look like a side project of Apple.

View sample menu here.


Mission Illinois

(Courtesy of Mission Illinois)

Chicago, IL

Mission Illinois is warm and welcoming across the board, with a great selection of products and equally fantastic budtenders.

View menu here.


Potomac Holistics

Rockville, MD

We were so pleased to see the Maryland market finally open earlier this month, and Potomac Holistics was the one leading the charge.

View menu here.


Revolutionary Clinics

(Courtesy of Revoluationary Clinics)

Somerville, MA

Gorgeous glass cases through which to browse cannabis samples and a tight-knit staff characterize this Bay State store.

View menu here.


Acres Cannabis

Las Vegas, NV

Nevada had a ton of high-profile openings this year thanks to the opening of the recreational market in July, but if any store is taking the look and feel of Nevada dispensaries to the next level, it’s Acres.

View menu here.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

(Courtesy of NuWu)

Las Vegas, NV

Complete with a drive-thru and a massive space that’s more showroom than standard cannabis store, NuWu is without a doubt raising the bar in Las Vegas.

View menu here.


Chalice Farms – Downtown

Portland, OR

In terms of existing markets, Portland has led the charge with notable dispensary openings in 2017. We already loved the Chalice store chain, and their downtown PDX location is right on par with the rest (maybe even prettier).

View menu here.

Amberlight Cannabis House

(Courtesy of Amberlight Cannabis House)

Portland, OR

Cute and classy, Amberlight is an ideal place capable of making even the most skeptical cannabis-curious visitor feel right at home.

View menu here.

Gnome Grown Oregon – Beavercreek

Oregon City, OR

The ultra-cool 3D carved Gnome Grown nameplate behind the counter is just a hint of how cool this store is inside. It feels more like a concept shop or lifestyle clothing boutique than the cannabis emporium it is.

View menu here.

Virtue Supply Company

(Courtesy of Virtue Supply Company)

Portland, OR

This new store in the Pearl District is all about premium products, sold alongside other stuff cannabis consumers love, like cool crystals and awesome art.

View menu here.

Jeffrey’s Flower and Oil

Jeffrey’s Flower and Oil cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon

(Courtesy of Jeffrey’s)

Portland, OR

While many other recent Portland openings feel super modern, Jeffrey’s keeps it classy with a clean-cut space and a focus on stocking their shelves with Oregon’s best.

View menu here.


Commencement Bay Cannabis

(Courtesy of Commencement Bay)

Fife, WA

Commencement Bay is all about helping consumers find that perfect mix of recreation and relaxation, and the budtenders are great at making that happen.

View menu here.

Cinder – Downtown Spokane

Spokane, WA

There’s a ton going on at Cinder’s classy showroom-style store, which makes browsing the tables and wall cabinets a pleasure for consumers of all kinds.

View menu here.

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