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Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Aug. 20-26

Published on August 20, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

San Diego waters broke 80 degrees, last week, which is terrible for the fish, but man is it fun to surf. Now, what’s next? Serena Williams’ new Nikes are so hot they’re adding to climate change. And we’re feeling nostalgic over new music releases from Interpol, and Justice. Here’s the best of the week ahead, we call it — ‘Hit This’.

Shopping List

Sativa to Watch — Mimosa. It’s an effervescent, citrus hybrid, but it’ll go perfect with the end of summer childcare. Spotted at LAXCC in Los Angeles. Also popular in Seattle and San Francisco.

Productivity Hack — Outflank your loud cannabis aroma with a barrage of stronger aromas.

Productive Product — Care by Design vape carts. Sporting a futuristic range of CBD:THC ratios, find them all across California.Looking for Legal Cannabis Near You?

To Do List

Cannabis Farmer’s Almanac — Outdoors, supplement flowering nutrients as needed. Avoid lockout. Trellis for wind. Kill pests. Prune.  Make a harvest supplies list. Indoors, consider topping plants to increase yield.

TVThursday: MTV promises a plethora of bronze-tanned drama for season two of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation”. | Friday: The premiere of the Blumhouse horror series “Ghoul” marks Netflix’s first original show from India; The British-made supernatural teen thriller “The Innocents” also joins Netflix’s roster of original content.

Film — Melissa McCarthy joins a cast of filthy-mouthed puppets in the detective comedy “The Happytime Murders”; Rising stars Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek take on a remake of the 1973 prison escape drama “Papillon”.

Music — The British multi-instrumentalist Blood Orange releases his R&B-tinged new album Negro Swan; Marauder marks the sixth studio album from NY indie rock luminaries Interpol; the French EDM duo Justice captures the frenzy of their concert act with their first live audience album, Woman Worldwide.

Fashion — Nike continues its massively successful partnership with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label with the upcoming “Queen” collaboration with tennis superstar Serena Williams; get hyped for Supreme’s first online drop of the Fall/Winter 2018 season on Monday Aug. 20, with subsequent drops arriving online and in chapter stores every Thursday.

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Sports — The NFL inches closer to the 2018 season as training camp enters week 4 of 5; Baseball tempers got heated between the rivaling Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants as an impending pennant race looms in September.

Gaming — Sega’s Japanese RPG saga “Shenmue” gets a worthy remastered edition; PC gamers can look forward to the latest Warhammer 40K installment, “Inquisitor – Martyr”.

Weekend In Brief

New York City relaxed its policy of arresting marijuana users with open warrants. . . . And 81 percent of Americans think cannabis can be good for you. . . . Denver’s public lounges are coming up short. . . . And the $4 billion Constellation + cannabis deal continued to reverberate.

Motivation Quote

I jet propel at a rate/

that complicate their mental state
As I invade their Masquerade/

they couldn’t fade with a clipper blade

The Pharcyde — Drop

Stay safe out there this week. – O.P.

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Oscar Pascual
Oscar Pascual
Oscar Pascual is a journalist based in Southern California specializing in cannabis, entertainment, sports and sneaker culture. He is the editor of Smell the Truth and contributes to Cannabis Now. His accomplishments include an interview with the Beastie Boys and a smoking session with John Salley.
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