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The Best Strains for Dystopian Binge-Watching

July 23, 2018
Fictitious narratives regarding the end of modern civilization are not at all new. A formative theme in literature, film, and the ever-expanding world of what’s now considered television, our current political state may have exacerbated the trend in dystopian entertainment.

Ready for the End of the World?

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When the world is continually cringe-worthy and politics are just too much, no one will fault you for wanting to keep the existential dread at bay via televised end-of-the-universe trauma—and a little self-medicating.

It may be the end of the world as we know it, but with a touch of THC and bingeable dystopian shows on your side, you’ll be just fine. Find the best strain and show pairings below.

The Walking Dead on AMC

(Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

We are eight seasons (and a spin-off) into The Walking Dead. The dead are still walking and Rick Grimes and crew can’t seem to catch a break. For those of you who crave a weekly dose of your favorite character’s demise and proof that humans are worse than bloodthirsty zombies, we suggest something shattered—like your hopes. Waxman Concentrates Shatter will do the trick and it comes in flavors from pineapple to blueberry and sports high-quality silicone packaging.

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Fahrenheit 451 on HBO


This Bradbury classic is reimagined starring Michael B. Jordan. Jordan shares the lead with the always compelling and creepy Michael Shannon in a world where opinions have become so dangerous, all literature is banned. This show will leave you longing for a time that respected the English language. Those simpler days when social media was full of sex-talk and sandwiches. Grab yourself a nug of Obama Kush for something relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, and creative, and get back to those easier times.

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3% on Netflix


This Brazilian serial imagines a world where 3% of the population is allowed to live with the luxury of resources and the rest is in abject poverty. The chance to rise to the “Offshore” comes in a winner-takes-all competition meant to test the bounds of humanity. It is a story that makes the viewer question who they will root for and what it says about themselves. Deep thoughts are bound to be provoked by this intriguing series, so sit with them while enjoying a puff of Permafrost—a strain that promotes relaxation and focus.

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The Man in the High Castle on Prime Video


Caviar Gold Cavi Cones are the joints you want to have on hand as the world goes up in flames like in Philip K Dick’s 1962 novel about the crazy idea of the US under fascist rule. They taste like candy, burn evenly, and contain premium bud, hash oil, and kief. Cavi Cones are for hardcore smokers and they pair well with the evening news, too.

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Adventure Time on Cartoon Network

(Cartoon Network)

Prepare the kiddos for the inevitable with this adorably apocalyptic animated series taking place in the land of Ooo where the end of humanity comes with some superpowers (if you’re a dog). If you’re just an adult who enjoys getting high and watching cartoons, there are ten binge-worthy seasons of Adventure Time. The goodness of Baked Bros’ Sour Gummie Bears are the perfect sweet to fully embrace your slightly off-kilter inner child.

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  • HJ

    Maybe daily television news should be first on the list. A liberal amount of an Indica-heavy strain is indicated.

  • mdq

    You suggest cannabis LUBE as a an antidote to a loss of libido after watching a show showing ALL women being enslaved and regularly raped?! Even tongue in check, sarcastic, what the fuck ever; that is disgusting. I have a very dark sense of humour, but that is beyond the pale.