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How to try the top cannabis terpenes in California

Presented ByAmplifiilifePublished on October 24, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This article is brought to you by Amplifiilife, helping CBD consumers elevate their lifestyles with organic, solventless cannabis juice.

California is no stranger to cannabis, but how much does the Golden State know about terpenes?

These chemical compounds featured in hundreds of plants are responsible for the fruity, tangy, and pungent taste and smell of cannabis. While there’s still a lot to learn about terpenes, you can start your own exploration by trying out different products that feature the ones you like most. The best way to begin is by discovering California cannabis products rich in terpenes.

The Terpene Try-All

(Courtesy of AmplifiiLife)

Amplifiilife Elev8 vape pens deliver a whole-flower terpene blend to help enhance activities like fitness, meditation, sleep, and sex. Their 100% organic formula uses cannabis rosin to provide a solvent-less vape experience for each user as they explore the true potential of an elevated lifestyle.


(Courtesy of CBD Delight)

Myrcene is believed to promote calming effects and is often found in cannabis products that help you chillax. Also found in thyme, mango and lemongrass, it’s one of the most common terpenes you’ll find in cannabis strains.

CBD Delight’s CBD oil with Blue Dream terpenes is a great way to get a taste of myrcene, one of the most common terpenes in all of cannabis. This terpene’s long history of relaxing effects makes it the perfect addition to this tasty mint, milk chocolate flavored tincture.

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(Courtesy of Left Coast Extracts)

Limonene is a bright terpene known for its citrusy scent. It can be found in lemons and other fruit rinds and is often included in cannabis products to encourage elevated moods and help relieve stress.

Lemon-heads and other citrus lovers will want to seek out Left Coast Extracts’ Train Wreck vape cartridge. Great for a quick hit of sunshine in the middle of your day, Train Wreck will flood your nostrils with the scent of sweet lemon and spicy pine.


(Courtesy of Claybourne Co.)

Did you know that only 1 in 10 strains is terpinolene-dominant? You have to make unique choices to find this terpene, which is known to give strains a fresh scent and believed to have uplifiting effects.

Claybourne’s Afghani Bullrider is a THC-rich strain with unique relaxing qualities, known for couchlock without making you want to fall asleep. With 1.08% terpinolene, its herbaceous scent is sure to stand out to anyone trying to train their nose to identify terpenes, whether you’re a casual cannabis connoisseur or a trained budtender.


Aromatic pinene is found in, you guessed it, many varieties of pine trees. It may be useful for inflammation and pain relief.

Coastal Sun’s Banjo cultivar is a potent pinene hybrid created from cross-breeding Boost and Tangelo. Packing a whopping 4.5% total terpenes, pinene makes up 2% of the terpene profile of this strain. Users often say that Banjo has a slow-body melt effect that makes it perfect for use throughout the day for life’s aches, pains, and annoyances.


The floral aroma of linalool is almost instantly recognizable in the lavender plant. It is believed that linalool helps support the immune system and provides calming effects.

CBDistillery’s lavender vanilla vape cartridge is a non-psychoactive option for those that want to experience the scent of linalool, without the high.

Presented ByAmplifiilife
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