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Cannabist - Lowell (Medical)

I was a regular until recently.I enjoyed the prize wheel and it was a big reason why i went to Patriot Care.The other day i experienced the changes they made to the prize wheel.They removed in my opinion the best prizes.They had a 3 dollars sixteenth prize and a few other decent ones.They replaced them with weak prizes such as 5 dollars off a quarter and kept the always heavy favorite (sarcasm) platinum psc member discount.Being limited income it made sense to travel to Patriot Care on Monday's and Wednesdays but i no longer feel the need to make this my go to dispensary.They do have a financial hardship program at 10% but that doesn't make much of a dent considering i use small amounts of cannabis so i only purchase small amounts.I had a recent quality issue with some flower that they made right so i give them a star for that but i was also told i didn't acquire enough points for my 5 dollar discount on my last visit which i know was b.s because on my visit prior i was told that purchase was enough to put me over the point marker.I didn't argue with them i just wanted to be on my way.I am going to try some other places and see what else is out there.I will only return here if i have to due to transportation issues.

Mission Georgetown: Adult Use Menu

Had my first visit recently to this dispensary.I am a regular customer of another dispensary and thought it would be a great idea to try something new.When first arriving at Healthy Pharms i couldn't believe how large this place was.The building looked like it could have been a home depot.The man at the front desk was very friendly and upon entering the building i was amazed at how nice the interior was.I was given the standard paper work to fill out that you get at most dispensaries when becoming a new patient.It only took a few minutes to fill out and then i was ready to make my purchase.I was approached within seconds by a very nice man who handed me a menu that looked like it belonged in a restaurant.It was a much better experience than my usual paper take out menu at my regular dispensary.I was then asked some questions in order to give me some recommendations.After bringing my choices down to 2 strains i was shown and allowed to smell the strains from sample jars they had on display.A much better experience than the guessing game i play regular at my regular dispensary.I approached the counter and withing minutes i had my product.I was surprised by the packaging.My usual dispensary uses bottles but this dispensary uses zip lock style bags that are black and allow you to feel what your getting rather than getting home and being disappointed with the mess someone made when chopping up my product.The whole process was about 20 minutes as a new patient and this was while they were busy.My regular dispensary im usually waiting 45 minutes with the same amount of customers.I am happy i took the extra 10 minutes to drive to Healthy Pharms and i highly recommend this dispensary for those who want the feeling that they are more than just another customer in a line at a take out restaurant.My only complaint is there is a little to much stem in the package but my flower looked cured properly and worked as it should.The edibles looked home made which was nice and not something that looks like it came from a mass production factory.I highly recommend Healthy Pharms

Blue Cheese

Hit me like a mack truck after 15 minutes.Its smells like a gym sock but hits like a cannonball this stuff is great.Separation from mind and body feeling alleviated my anxiety fades away.

Holy Grail Kush

My favorite strain may have been just bumped out of its long held spot.This stuff is awesome.It put this calm over me took my anxiety down and made me melt into my sheets.This has to be one of my all time favorite strains.I always favored Herijuana but who says i cant have two favorites?

Black Jack

Hits quickly and lingers with a soft head high.Not feeling much of a couch lock just a smooth through the day strain.I am a indica guy so this isnt something i look for but for what it is i could see this during the day finding some use to atleast knock out some boredom.The buds were very tiny for my order dont know if thats a normal thing cant really say much about the looks of it.It has a smooth taste with a nice thick after taste and texture.

Master Skunk

All i can say is wow.This is a great strain that was with me for about 4 hours.At first toke it didn't strike right away.After about 15 minutes i was on my way for a 4 hour ride.It was very exciting and filled me with energy for about 45 minutes and then brought me down to a comfortable couch lock where all i wanted to do was either eat or sleep.Did it help with my ocd and anxiety?Anything that draws my mind away from the compulsive thoughts of weather or not i washed my hands before i ate that taco or if the guy making it had gloves on when making it is a help.My ocd really works with my anxiety hard to make my life miserable.This is the only medicine that helps me.This strain was wonderful and i hope i see it more often.

Deadhead OG

Hit with the headband effect after the first toke and it stayed for about 30 minutes until i started seeing ghosts......I didnt freak out i just thought it was kind of cool because one looked like a horseshoe crab.After my tangle with the phantom crab i fell into a happy moment and then came down slow and smooth.The total effect only lasted about two hours but it was fun.....Did it help with my anxiety?....Well considering i had a really crappy day this made it feel like christmas morning


Out of the many strains I have smoked, Herijuana is hands down the finest. This strain's high CBD level is perfect for putting one in a state of relaxation. Lets just say; if a donkey were to kick me in my face, it wouldn't be an issue on Herijuana. This stuff takes the edge off; which is beneficial to me due to my ailments. Some of which are: OCD, IBS, anxiety,and depression. Thank you Herijuana.

Phantom Cookies

Awesome strain works well for my anxiety and depression.Gets me more social so i can function better.I suffer from anxiety depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.Different strains react different for everyone so i cant say everyone will have the same reaction to it as i did but for me it works well and i think it tastes great to.

24k Gold

Its pretty average really.It creates a speedy high and then just kinda gos down from there.Slight paranoia trying to flare but not hard enough to beat my thought process so i just told myself all is well.