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Avatar for Arminite

A strong body high, with high couchlock, perfect for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Makes me feel like someone is massaging my muscles from within my body; sometimes it feels like there is electricity tingling down my limbs. Very effective for my chronic shoulder and neck pain. The pain is transformed into a sensation of heat that is not nearly as bothersome. My favorite effect Romulan has is that it intensifies auditory stimuli and deepens appreciation for music. Music (especially ambient, trance) sounds like it's in HD, or three dimensional. If I'm outside, it somehow makes me hear each sound as a separate "layer," and I can choose which layer to focus on, which then makes the other layers recede into the background. Even subtle, distant sounds become much clearer. It's like I'm locking on to a signal and scanning it. It's extremely pleasant to lie down and listen to music with headphones on and then slowly drift off into a nice satisfying sleep. I sleep more deeply and wake up in less pain. Sometimes I'm a bit lethargic the day after. No other negative side effects apart from a bit of dry mouth and the munchies, which I usually avoid by sleeping shortly after smoking.