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“Great place. Most staff know their weed. They need to educate more on medical uses”

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“This used to be my regular spot...not after tonight! A new Bud tender helped me, I wanted 7 grams, a 1/4. We chatted, did business, and I left with my usual brown bag, stapled shut. After an appointment, and an hour drive home (yes, I live almost an hour away), I happily open my bag. Immediately, I knew it was not 7 grams, so I weighed it, which I never do. They weighed 4 grams!! I double checked my label, yep, should be 7g. I called them right away, explained the situation, and at 6:30 pm was told a supervisor would call me "shortly". At 9pm, after no call, I call them back. The supervisor says ok, we will fix it, bring it in, we will weigh it, and give you what is owed (I paid for 7 grams). When I told them I lived far away, could not go back until 2 days later, they said ok, just bring it in 2 days. Now, when I buy from them, its because I need it, NOT so I can sit on it, smoking nothing. When I told them I planned on smoking, they said "sorry, you need to bring it ALL in, even though we see you are a regular" Ok, I understand business, but I will NEVER go back there again, ever. I highly suggest they have the Bud Tenders pay closer attention to what they are doing. once, months ago, I didnt get my correct change, and when I went back in to let them know after counting it in the car, they said "yeah, that happens a lot". I let it slide as a mistake, and my fault for not counting. second strike, youre out. I hope you enjoy the extra $$ you robbed me of this time, its the last you'll get from me!”

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