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“used to have quality but aparently quantity is more important. poor curing, seeds, bad packag seals and worse lids. bud size is tinny and no consistency from batch to batch! ”

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“Phenomenal customer service. They're experiencing some growing pains so I've had 1 out of 10 orders go missing (with purolator, not LP's fault) but that took over a week to resolve. Aphria staff were 10x more helpful than Purolator, I must say that to their credit. Prices are same as I paid per oz, little higher with taxes but the variety, quality, and precision of strains is a huge, huge bonus. I order in the a.m. and by next evening product arrives in vacuum sealed vitamin style pill jars. The bud is so incredible I compare it with the best stuff I got from DeepWeb marketplace, local hydro farmers and cross border import off the street. Really really solid bud. They also do a promotional offer every month so you can really try out all the strains without much risk. I've tried about a dozen and only disliked one of them (Iroquois) but I've had it since and it was beautifully dense and very balanced effect, so that one time may have been an anomaly. All things considered, for quality, potency, variety, speed of delivery, customer service and discount options like 17% loose leaves for $4.00/g if you're on a budget one month. They also have the most CBD potent strains I've ever seen, which smoke so wonderfully smoothly I made it part of my morning coffee routine for joint pain and tension without getting stoned. After a joint of there high CBD you can smoke a balanced thc/cbd strain a few hours later for a slight high, but not tiring/stupifying stone (more like 1 beer buzz, but from weed) for acute episodes or flashes of anxiety or something. I don't know, I find it helpful. The THC rich, especially the 24% aliendawg is a fantastic knock-out / appetite stimulant. Sorry, I could go on. I've had my issues getting set up, but the service was so on point I wouldn't hold it against them. They always go out of their way to fix issues and respond to emails immediately. Left Hydroapthecary and Delta9 without looking (neither responded to my registration questions at all, nvm Aphria's "we'll do all that for you, we just need you to ______" attitude.”

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