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**Blüm** is a retail medical cannabis facility focused on providing the highest quality medical cannabis to patients who are looking for alternative treatments for their chronic medical conditions. **Blüm’s** focus is to provide the highest level of personal care coupled with a broad selection of medical cannabis products including flowers, concentrates and edibles. Veteran, Senior, Disabled, and Students get a 10% Discount.


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Student, Senior and Veteran Discount

Seniors 55+ will receive 10% and Veterans will receive discounted prices by 20% from all original listed prices.

Restrictions may apply.

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Blum - Las Vegas (Decatur Blvd)

#AGE Vendors/Attendees - Show your American Glass Expo badge or supplemental proof of attendance and receive 15% off your purchase!

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“Great looking facilities. I’ll see you my next time in Vegas. 💛”

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“I purchased an 1/8th of some AK-47 at Blum and was delighted to be able to pay with my debit card. (Most dispensaries only deal in cash). It was good pot too. Unfortunately when they ran my card they forgot to give me my 20% Veterans discount. I called them on it (They were already aware I was a Vet. The Budtender and I discussed my 20% discount prior to purchase). She apologized for the error, cancelled the debit card transaction, and told me it would be 3-7 days before the amount was put back on my card. No big deal. It was only 40 bucks anyway. My card was ran again to pay for my purchase with the proper discount. Okay. Fast forward 14 days and the money was still not credited back to my card so I went in to talk to them about it. The Manager in charge (nice guy) figured out where the error was. (It was Blum's fault and not their bank's fault). He fixed the problem, but told me it would be another 7 days to have the money returned to my bank. For the trouble, he offered me an additional 15% discount on top of any other discounts I was eligible for, if and when I decided to come back in and purchase some more product. He put a notation on my account to alert the next staff member about the additional discount for when I returned.. 7 days later the money was put back into my account (I was grateful). I went back in to take advantage of the additional 15% I would have on top of my 20% Veterans discount for my next purchase. After I chose the items I was going to buy, to my surprise, I was told by my Budtender (Nice Guy) that the most he could give me was a 25% discount. (There was a note in my profile telling them I was to receive the additional 15% discount, no questions asked). The Budtender did confer with the Manager on duty but they were steadfast about the 25% discount and not the 35% I was previously promised. So I again paid for my product (Good pot again), but left with a huge disappointment about making a promise to me and then not delivering on that promise. There are a few things that are of the utmost importance with regard to business associates and customers. Honesty, integrity and being a person of your word. Promising me one thing and then not being able to deliver on it (twice) will make 'me' think 'twice' about returning to their dispensary. That is real unfortunate. I really liked going there. But, on the bright side, there are 24 other dispensaries in Las Vegas. We'll see if they can keep their word on promises they make to their customers. (Note: I gave them one star to make a point, but the store atmosphere and the quality of product were both good. It was the service (as stated above) that made the experience poor). Bummer.”

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