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“Well now am back from my trip i can get a review of our smoke session on 17/2/2017 As our group was 7 we got split into 2 groups which i dont mind at all as it was my brothers birthday i let him and his friends go to the first one at 12pm and then we joined them at 2pm where we where greeted offerered a seat and a drink (must say tony balboa was amazing very friendly all round good guy and very informative) we started off with a volcano of tangerine g-13 block which tasted very fruity with just a hint of earthyness for me :) then we tried some of the super silver strawberry again very fruity flavours and a nice creative high! It was great that tony let daryl stay on in the session as it was his birthday really made his trip! All in all a very worthwhile experience friendly informative staff! Lovely stinky buds and sum soft strong hash's! I had a blast gained a few new friends and would recommend contacting profess harvest and setting one of these up! One love from northern ireland guys keep up the good work :)”

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“Yesterday was so busy eating McDonald's and chocolate like never!! Now, I'm gonna write a more complete review about the Private Smoking Sesh yesterday at Boerejongens Coffeshop. We arrive and Antonio receive us with a great smile and told us to wait a moment, no problem we pick some weed for tasting it all. We pick some LA Sour Kush and Oriental Kush. Then we go upstairs where Antonio was waiting us, he receive us being very friendly and very polite in every moment, he offered a drink and everybody was really excited(4, me my friend and a couple, and a girls arrived later). Then we started tasting LA Sour Kush while Antonio was taking all the stuff from the last session. It was really compact bud not really kushi more about Sour Diesel o some like this, was really nice, not perfect but 7/10. Then we smoked Oriental Kush, both of this in normal pure joints. This one was much better for me, really Kush and earthy, the weed that I like, 7,75/10 and then we tasted Strawberry Haze with the Vulcano, I don't really like to use weed in vaporizers but this one was very interesting between smoking and using it on a Vap, for me in the vap it was more about the strawberry and sweet taste, and in a normal pure joint is more like a "normal" Haze wich I don't really like this flavours, but being objective it was really good weed. 7,5/10. And then we smoked the Tangerine G13, my love, we actually are hash lovers, makers and smokers. And that one is lovely, I'm living here since 2 months and I'm smoking it absolutely every day, for me is perfect, that sweet and earthy, that body stoned when u arrive from work, for me is 10/10. But I don't liked smoking it on the Vulcano. So I think that's all, I had would like to talk more about connoisseurs cannabis, genetics, hash making and not smoking smoking smoking smoking , wich is nice, but I would like to be in Amsterdam a really cannabis community, and I think Boerejongens is trying to do something with it so, love! Love Boerejongens as always and love to Tony Balboa being so nice with us! If I can help you with something just let me know it! And just a question or proposal Tony Balboa Profess Harvest, yesterday was really nice, I enjoyed a lot, but I think would be great to really organize smoking sesh not in that way, do this one for tourist or for people who didn't been Boerejongens before or didn't know a lot about cannabis, but I would be really really great to taste new things without knowing what it is, you know, like in cups. And being able to judge each one honestly and talk about technic growing, hash making and connoisseur cannabis. Don't be wrong please, not telling u how to do your things, just saying it because I really want to learn a lot from Amsterdam and from u that have a lot to learn from. So that's it, thank u very much again to Tony and Boerejongens Coffeshop! Waiting to be there again! Love!”

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