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There may be health risks associated with consumption of the product. Smoking is hazardous to your health. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use by adults twenty one and older. keep out of reach of children Marijuana can impair concentration, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. This product is infused with marijuana or active compounds of Marijuana. Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. This product may be unlawful outside of Washington State. Caution: When eaten or swallowed, the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two or more hours. All advertising for marijuana businesses or marijuana products, regardless of what medium is used, must contain text stating that marijuana products may be purchased or possessed only by persons twenty-one years of age or older. Examples of language that conforms to this requirement include, but are not limited to: "21+," "for use by persons 21 and over only," etc.

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“These guys are so friendly and have recommended great products based on what I'm looking for that day:D They respect my budget, are knowledgeable, and have great prices too. 10/10 would recommend!”

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“I wasn't very impressed with this location. I walked in, no one acknowledge me & I wasn't sure where to go first. I knew I had to present my ID to someone, but who? Not sure. Went back out to my car to get my ID, came back & someone asked for my ID finally. Now what do I do? Can I just start shopping? Are you going to assist? I've been to many dispensaries, I'm no rookie, but this place was a bit chaotic. There is no line for a bud tender, so someone that came in after me was served first. Now for the weed review. The Golden Gage by #OMG Sykes I bought was great, I will be back for that. The other two things sucked balls. I bought the Gorilla Glue by Autrees & it smells like dirt & tastes about the same. I've been buying Gorilla Glue from Leaph & it's stellar. Autrees should give Leaph a call & find out how to properly grow/cure this strain. Finally, I bought Girl Scout Cookies Berner's Cut & it sucked as bad as the Gorilla Glue. No scent what-so-ever, except for dirt. It was very harsh when smoked. Total waste of money. I probably will not come back, unless I have a weed emergency.”

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