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**FREE GRAM & CANADA WIDE XPRESSPOST SHIPPING (WITH TRACKING#) FOR ALL ORDERS $99 AND OVER** Canada's #1 mail order marijuana - online dispensary *Leafly's Highest Ranked Canadian Online Dispensary (by user reviews)* *Guaranteed delivery *Tracking #'s with every order *Great stealth / discreet packaging *24 Hour Live Chat (with a REAL person) on our website: []( *Lowest prices guaranteed


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Free Gram & Free Shipping for order of $99+

Just order at to get free shipping for anything $99 and over, FREE Xpresspost Shipping (Tracking# incl.) + A free gram with every order

Valid from 3/3/2017 to 1/2/2018.

No restrictions

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New Strains Alert! Just added: White Cheese, Watermelon Kush Hash & Jack Flash! Shop Now:

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“Great service, fast shipping and quality products!”

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“Go ahead, order. You won't be disappointed. The product will be as described, it will get to you fast in a plain white box, and if something goes wrong, they will make it right. I love this service so much, I may never leave the house again. :) Keep in mind that this business, even though it is the most reliable and responsive web retailer you will probably ever do business with, serves all of Canada and is growing really fast. If they screw up something on their end, it was an honest mistake and they will fix it. I just had something like that happen, and after some initial frustration we got around the glitch in the system and I got special attention from customer service, my delayed order pushed to the front of the line for processing, and they gave me a discount coupon to use on a future order. Pro tip: Don't forget there is a live chat function, and watch out because it is not compatible with firefox. In safari you can see the icon on the bottom right of the home page. But, if you try to communicate about an order that was mistakenly cancelled by replying to emails regarding that order, or clicking on the get help link next to that order on your account page, your email is going to be routed to a different inbox than the inbox that gets you the usual 20 minute or less response you see when an order is "active" and it will seem like they are just ignoring you. They are aware of the glitch and working to fix. But, the chat fixes that. :) This is what I wrote to my customer service agent who got my order back on track: "Your business model is brilliant and exactly what a buyer wants - to be able to order with confidence that the product will be as described, that order and delivery will be easy, reliable and straight forward, and that customer service won't only quickly solve problems and answer questions, but that customer service will be super friendly about it and leave you feeling like BMWO appreciates its customers just as much as its customers appreciate BMWO." That's how it is. So, stay there on the couch and order with confidence BMWO will make your life even mellower.”

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