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Welcome to the Cannect, (literally) the last cannabis connection you will ever need. However, be warned that this will ruin all other flowers for you. We strive and succeed at providing the best cannabis flower found on this planet and our vision is to make it attainable to a lucky few. We ship 12g of 30%+ THC flower for $159 on a monthly basis. The cannect service is a spin-off of our grow operation known as RB26. You might have heard of us - we've had some features on vice,, cannabisnow and other media outlets. We have 11 first place awards to our name and we are known for breaking records in both potency and quality. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Membership is limited so apply while you can! -


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“Wow! Beautiful buds, amazing terps, incredible high. The THC content is out of this world. I've had chronic back pain for as long as i could remember and this is first time it feels manageable. I am so grateful to you guys! You rock!!!”

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“The cannabis quality is decent but it really wasn't any more special than what I could get at any other dispensary. The problem was that I found a bunch of white seeds inside one of of my "ultra-premium" cannabis strains, I would only expect that from mids. Not too sure if the cannabis is worth it.”

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Comment from Cannect

Unfortunately, you cant please everyone. This particular user kept harassing us for steep discounts and we did everything we could to accommodate him including sending him a box off cycle, responding to his endless stream of abrasive questions, and even adding a promotional gift. Ultimately, this review was his response to our refusing to give 50% discount. We now know better and will not accept patients that exhibit such behavior.


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