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10612 Chiquita St., North Hollywood, CA
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Unethical dispensary. Will lie to you about anything just to make a sale. I called to specifically request the strain that helps with my anxiety. (LEVEL REMEDY 1:1) They told me that they just got a shipment in that same day and I should come in. Once inside, they tried to sell me another strain called Play it Forward, which looked nothing like the one I requested. They explained the difference in packaging by saying "it's exactly the same as Remedy 1:1, it's just been repackaged for a promotion. When I take it home I realize there is NO WAY this is my strain. When I reached out to the brand (Level) that makes my favorite strain, Remedy 1:1, they confirmed in an email that Pay it Forward is completely different from REMEDY 1:1. they confirmed that REMEDY was discontinued and recommended a similar strain. When I reached out to "L" to give her the news, she did not apologize for her staff's mistake. She only confirmed that they did NOT carry the blend that LEVEL recommended as the replacement but would do an exchange for a similar product that will "probably be the same as the other strain Level is recommending". WHAT? You've got to be kidding. I come to you for a very specific strain for anxiety, you lie to me and say that strain has been repackaged. You don't carry the product Level recommends as similar to REMEDY, but you will absolutely NOT offer a refund when your unethical practices are discovered! Slow hand claps for you. You are winning the world. Too bad that when you screw customers.. word gets around and with so many amazing dispensaries popping up all over, it's the ones that value the customer that will succeed. Good luck Carpe Diem. Others, you've been warned.
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Quality | 5
Service | 5
Atmosphere | 5
Very cool place & im def coming back !
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