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“To all the people raving about super high-end collectives with $45 eighths, I only have this to say: GO TO CFC, DAMMIT! This was one of the very first dispensaries that I ever went to and it's become the ONLY dispensary that I give my business to. First impressions might fool the average onlooker due to its location and the vibe the area gives off, but once you step inside the doors of this place, you are truly in heaven. The staff here are incredible to say the least, and the quality of the product is unbelievable for the price. I've never been disappointed with the buds I buy, and I'm always more than happy to go the extra few miles to get the best service and the best prices. Why would anyone want to spend $40-$45 on top-shelf bud in Canoga Park or Sherman Oaks when you can just drive another few miles and get better quality bud for $25/eighth? Not to mention the staff are far more friendly and helpful than any other staff at any other dispensaries I've gone to. I'm confident that CFC will continue to be, in my honest opinion, the best dispensary in all of San Fernando Valley. If you guys over there are reading this, keep doing what you're doing because it has made me and my fellow patients loyal and permanent customers. 5/5”

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“This place is all around dope! From the awesome people to their amazing selection of quality flower at great prices! I definitely recommend this spot ”

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