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We strive to provide the best genetics! All of our clones' mothers have been hand picked by their respected breeders/growers, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. With over 50 Strains on hand daily, we are Seattle's premier Clone Spot.


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“If you're going to run a clone shop, please don't spread Broad/Cyclamen mites to people who come there. I've ran my garden for 4 years from seed. I decide to venture to the cloners market to get a cut of their 'forum girl scouts' or whichever one actually stacks up to be forum and one of their 'sherberts'. I had taken in NO other clones or had any other growers visit my garden. A month or so later a bunch of my plants are showing distorted growth and what looks like burning or micronutrient disorder(s). Got my 60x scope and I have broad mites. I'm not the only person I know of with this complaint. To bring my garden back to functioning health, I had to do things I am not comfortable with as a grower and will never use this shop again. BE WARNED - CHECK YOUR PLANTS FROM HERE FOR BROAD MITES -”

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Comment from Cloners Market

Greetings, I’m sorry to hear that you were ravaged by a broad mite uprising. We do everything in our power to ensure our plants are clean and bug free when purchased. We keep to a tight regiment and spray every single day. The guarantee we offer is for one week. That ensures enough time for you to look through the plants, transplant them and give them one final look through if needed for any present pest issues. We also recommend that any clones that come from here are sprayed when you get home and kept away from everything else in the garden. Even though we give a week guarantee, having you quarantine your clones and making sure they are 100% safe is just another guarantee. Now again, we are sorry that you had to go through the whole process of dealing with your pest related problems. If there is anything that we can do to help with the process or make it any easier for you please contact us. Thank you, Cloners Market

“Decided to try growing for the first time and saw the recommendations on leafly. This place was great, healthy plants and really knowledgable, helpful staff. If you're looking to grow, this is the best place to start.”

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