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We strive to provide the best genetics! All of our clones' mothers have been hand picked by their respected breeders/growers, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. With over 50 Strains on hand daily, we are Seattle's premier Clone Spot.


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“These guys are the best! I have a great time every time I go. They provide professional friendly service and I would recommend this place to anyone. 😃 ”

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“I signed up with leafly just to give Cloner's Market a positive review. Others have said it, but where else can you browse from like 50 strains, new ones being added daily? You can tell the owner and employees are passionate about growing. They update their leafly menu like twice a day. Twice a day! They are also constantly hunting for interesting strains, but most importantly selecting excellent phenos of the strains you want. Buying and growing seeds has it's benefits, but you are growing an awful lot of plants just to find one or two phenos and then start the cloning process. These guys have already picked the best phenos for you. Takes a lot of the guess work out of it. Did I mention they update their menu frequently. Thank you for doing that! I check multiple times per day to make sure I don't miss out on anything awesome. Lastly, a couple of people have complained about pests. Unless you're totally novice, you know that certain pests are difficult to detect and avoid. Mites, powdery mildews, etc. - we've all had issues with them. Yes, once in a while a place that has hundreds and hundreds of plants may get a bug or two. I honestly think any vendor that wasn't as good as this one would be consumed by pests. They would go under almost immediately if they were lackadaisical about pests. Yet, reading the reviews pretty much everyone is happy and pest free. That's amazing actually. Please please please keep doing what you're doing, with the passion you bring to bear.”

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