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FREE 72 HOURS WARRANTY. GUARANTEED NO PESTS OR PATHOGENS That is how confident I am that my clones are not only the best in So Cal.. But the best from west coast to east coast. None can compare in our side by side challenge. Here at Mr Clone, we grow all of our moms from seeds from trusted breeders in the UK. We do not sell other peoples clones with the exception of our GG#4. We have a 72 hour guarantee on all of our cuts. We also offer free assistance for new growers through veg and help with your transition into the flowering phase. Our clones are guaranteed to be pest and mildew free. All clones can be inspected upon delivery. The driver carries a 30x magnifier so you can inspect your cuts before you take them. Our clones with the exception of our teens are delivered in rockwool cubes so you can see how healthy our roots are. Side by side we guarantee our clones will out perform ANY other companies in California. We dare you to try a side by side with any other companies clones and prove us wrong. One look at our roots and you will know, there is no other place you should go. Grow room design setup and walk through's available. We help you with set up design, nutrient and booster selection and you get our assistance from the time you plant to the time you smoke all for $175. 20 years worth of knowledge for a unbelievable price . No other company can offer this and stand behind its results. We also offer house calls to help you with any issue you can imagine. We have all natural remedies for any pest problem, which we can usually resolve even when your just a couple weeks away from harvest. Spider mites? No problem. Mildew? No problem. Don't trash your plants before you call us. Let us help you have a successful harvest and save you the headache of learning by trial and error.

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Clones Mr. Clone

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“All the clones I was so happy to get disappointed time after time. 1- I planted and dropped overnight. I am used to this and when examining the roots next day found root aphids. I'm treating with sns now and hope these recover. 2- the last order totally flipped to herm overnight. They looked ok until the last week when 2 popped hidden balls and blew the whole room up with pollin. I wish I hadn't ordered again this last time and tried to cancel and return the plants but to no avail. Thanks for nothing!”

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Hello, I am confused about your comment. You stated that you had aphids? We have all patients inspect plants on delivery before donations are accepted with our 30x magnifier and state they must inspect the quality to prevent these issues. We have never had any pest issues .. Ever. Also, we have never received a call, text, voicemail, email, or a note tied to a rock thrown through our window telling us about this issue. Mr Crawford, or Ms Reed. We do apologize that you were never able to get plants from us. As we stated to you on the phone the first time, we do not even carry the strain that you wanted, we also told you that we would never take plants from another customers order to give to you. When you recently ordered again from us under a different name, and the driver was 15 minutes late, you had him drive another 30 minutes to Ontario mills mall and then never answered your phone, texts, or voicemails that we had left you over the course of waiting for you for 40 minutes. Until the driver texted you, " I do not get why you would not want these clones when they are free" " I am waiting 10 more minutes then I am leaving" Only after you stated you were only 5 minutes away when asking him to drive down there. Sir or Mam. I understand that you are upset that 2 times now you did not get any plants from us. The second time we tried to give them to you for being late and for not being able to sell you clones the previous time when you got very upset and cussed out the phone person. Any customer of ours knows that in any case, depending on issue, we will give double the amount of the clones, refund, or refund replace and pay for losses. In any event, if your plants hermied the last week of flower.. Unfortunately that is grower error as any experienced grower would tell you. Also, root aphids are one of the worst pests to get rid of period, so I am curios as to your review stating that you had aphids on some in flower, but not on the ones that hermied? Aphids spread like fire. All anyone has to do if they want to see the truth. Google our name. Read other reviews, specifically 2 on another site in 2 different locations. Notice the grammar used, punctuation, and usernames. Then read the other reviews that are negative and judge them on our feedback to them. We are not perfect. We do mess up, and we answer to it, when they are real. You do not have roots like ours with issues, specially aphids. You can not miss aphids when you inspect clones rooted in Rock Wool Cubes.

“Got some clones other day transplanted them into soil these things took off the next day they grew about an inch today they grew another inch and half about. These things had a ton of stored energy in them. Best roots I've ever seen. Thanks Chris your the best man.”

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