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We are a full service breeder and professional horticulture consultant service provider specializing in private and commercial gardening. We have a wealth of experience assisting with and optimizing applications for state-permitted cultivation sites across the country. Our consultants have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in cannabis cultivation, grow facility design & operations and state and local regulatory compliance. We help new and veteran growers maximize their gardens potential by providing precise instructions and sharing trade secrets. In order to cultivate a top shelf product, you have to start with top shelf genetics. At Creme de la Creme we concentrate on only the "cream of the crop" to provide patients with high grade medicine not available in regular storefronts. Our strains have been hand picked from renowned breeders around the world from hundreds of tested varieties. Many strains we offer are Cannabis Cup Winners. Find out for yourself what a difference quality genetics makes. Do not waste your time and money with weak, leggy, over cut, commercial strains or flowers. We only cultivate the strongest plants with the best phenotypes that produce high grade medicine! With Cream of the Crop Clones you can begin your grow from various stages of development. Clones come in different sizes from newly cut babies to fully mature flowering plants and mothers. They can be delivered in different mediums and containers depending on preference. Order Today 818-516-4617 All strains have been selected from flowered plants in which the best phenotypes and yields were identified and preserved. Creme de la Creme only concentrates on high quality genetics. Our clones produce rare bud that you cant find in dispensaries. We offer strains from renowned breeders such as Soma Seeds, Reserva Privada, Rare Dankness, Nirvana, Dutch Passion, DNA Genetics, Dinafem and more! Clones are more stable than seeds, always female. Most marijuana clones take approximately 10 – 14 days to become well rooted. Each new tray is labeled and monitored until roots are visible. Each clone is treated with Neem Oil and must pass a light “tug test”. These methods ensure each customer receives healthy rooted plants that are pest and mold free and ready to be loved!


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“Awesome guy! Awesome service!”

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“Very knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. Willing to work with you and most importantly Top top quality genetics of their strains!”

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