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Winner of the 2013 U.S. Cannabis Cup "Best Hybrid" for OG 18, we also stock the following award winners: Bio-Diesel, Outer Space, Ultimate '91 ChemDawg, and Reserva Privada. Denver Relief is a wellness and medical marijuana center dedicated to assisting people with making positive and natural changes in their lives. Established 2009.

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“So, I came to Denver Relief a few months ago when I was still working in the healthcare industry and got random drug tests. Walking in the door they take your ID and enter it in the computer. Some dispensaries do that. I asked the guy behind the counter if there was any way I could be entered as "Anonymous." He immediately got an attitude with me and tossed my ID back at me. I tried to explain to him that I wasn't trying to be rude or give him problems, but I have a job that randomly drug tests. Before I even got finished with that sentence he turned his back on me and started talking with his friends. Nearly everyone I have spoken with has had similar experiences. I have since found new employment that doesn't drug tests, but I will not go to Denver Relief. I am sure their product is wonderful, but I won't give a single penny to this enterprise.”

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“So I marked this dispensary a two-star in quality because I'm going by quality-per-price. This is one of the most over-priced dispensaries in town. When I pointed that out to the worker who was helping me (great customer service, btw), they claimed that the reason for this was that their bud was super high quality. The bud here is terrific, however, that claim is unwarranted because even their edibles are far more expensive than most dispensaries in town. For example, a medical candy that averages about $9 is about $14 here. My favorite chocolates that I get for $7 (medical member)elsewhere were ~$12 (medical-member) here. And this isn't some "high grade Denver Relief chocolate, it's the same producer that both dispensaries buy from. That's 170% the cost. :( See how that takes the factor of specific dispensary bud quality out of the equation for comparing prices of differing dispensaries? The average for a top-shelf medical ounce in Denver right now is maybe a little over $160 after tax. Denver Relief's top shelf ounces are $225, which is 140% above average market cost. Is Denver Relief's bud 140% better than other dispensaries? Nope. Look at their thc content on their tests: they average around 13%. My dispensary has a few buds over 20% thc. I don't think DR's claim that their higher prices will fetch you a higher quality buds is substantiated. What then explains the higher cost? Higher overhead? maybe. Higher wages for workers? HA, i doubt it. I think their high prices have the most to do with desire for profit. As a medical patient that uses marijuana to treat chronic pain, I question the ethicacy of Denver Relief's pricing structure. When it becomes obvious that a dispensary is in the game for profit instead of a fair price for health and well being, I simply choose to shop elsewhere. I doubt DR will be able to maintain their prices for much longer. They will be forced to drop their prices to compete with care givers who provide medicinal MJ at a legitimate cost.”

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