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Diego Pellicer has a passion for bringing premium cannabis from the best growers to you, the connoisseur. Our Seattle flagship location is the world's first retail cannabis provider where responsible marijuana connoisseurs and sommeliers can gather to explore the world of premium cannabis products. At a particular point in your life, your hard work begins to pay off. One stops settling for “cheap” and starts demanding quality. Your appreciation for the very best in life grows alongside your travels, education, experiences and changing world-view. We start to want the best cars, art, clothes, wine, liquor—and, if one so desires, premium marijuana. Variety is the spice of life. A distinguished consumer with a passion for premium grade cannabis will enjoy the journey of responsibly discovering, sampling and embracing the finest herbs. Like vintages of wine or small batches of bourbon, each strain carries its own aroma, texture, appearance and user experience. Located less than a mile south from, CenturyLink & Safeco Field, we encourage all users of marijuana to experience the world of premium cannabis with us here in the Sodo district of Seattle. Our shop is located next door to KFC/Taco Bell, and is across the street from AM/PM. Our full menu shares our entire selection however here are some of our favorites.... Supplies are not available 100% of the time thus making our entire menu, 'While Supplies Last'. - Leira Cannagars (CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED) - Fire / Viva / Phoenix Canabis (CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED) - Refine / X-tracted - Gold Leaf Gardens - OLEUM Extracts - Seattle's Private Reserve - Polar Icetracts - JuJu Joints - Liberty Reach - GaGa Edibles & Concentrates - Treehawk Farms - Northwest Cannabis Solutions - D.P.G. Budz (Meteorites & Moonrocks) - Optimum Extracts - Bare Naked Concentrates - Western Cultured - Top Nugg - Dabstract - Spot - Honu - Green Light Baked Goods - Moxie Mints - Zoots - Evergreen Herbal ----->PRODUCTS AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST


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Treat yourself to affordable luxury. Our select offerings of premium cannabis are available at 25% off. Visit today and find out how much you can save once you start purchasing the best marijuana in Washington State. Premier Discounts: ---> $50 8ths of Gold Leaf Gardens (Priced to go.) ---> Cultivar, Treehawk, Seattle's Private Reserve, Solstice, Western Cultured, Topp NUGGS (Top- Shelf Brands) Featured Farms Include House of Cultivar, Treehawk Farms, Western Cultured, Golden Tree Productions, Seattle's Private Reserve, Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Topp NUGGS, Legends, Hemp Kings, Leaph, and more! Featured Concentrates: Oleum, Refine, GaGa, Polar Icetracts, Dr. Fern, DOPE, and ODO. Featured Edibles, Beverages, and Sprayable Products: 4.20 Bars, Ethos Innovates, Magic Kitchen, Spot, Moxey Mints, ZOOTS, GaGa Edibles, Drift, Prohibition Brands, Cannabis Quencher, Honu, Goodship Co. and more! Featured vape cartridges: Bare Naked Concentrates, JuJu Joints, LIT, Venspark, Wink, Wildfire, Liberty Reach, and more!

Valid from 5/23/2017 to 6/1/2017.

While supplies last. Gold Leaf Gardens not included in 25% discount. 5pk of joints not included $14 8ths not included $59 ounce not included $25 quarter not included

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Diego Pellicer - Seattle

Come get your Refine and Oleum concentrates for 25% off! We also have 5 & 6* ice wax and hash from Gold Leaf & Polar icetracts. #marijuana

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“The best place”

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Comment from Diego Pellicer - Seattle

Dear Mistemoon11, Diego Pellicer appreciates your business and thanks you for leaving such a positive review. If you consider visiting our store again, we encourage you to mention your previous experience as well as show your next liaison this review so that you can save 10% off your entire purchase. We are also running a 25% off sale for the rest of the summer. Hope to see you again soon! - Diego Pellicer

“These guys don't honor the prices on their Leafly menu. The weed is good but this store exudes an "All we give a fuck about is your money" facetious attitude. It's like a Vegas casino, and the owner is the pit boss.”

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Comment from Diego Pellicer - Seattle

Dear Chronson840, Diego Pellicer thanks you for leaving such a thorough review. We apologize for your experience and will make sure to improve going forward. Regarding the pricing process you experienced, we do apologize and encourage you to visit again so we can remedy the situation. Should you consider visiting our store again, please mention your previous experience as well as show your next liaison this review so that we can have our store manager assist you. We would love to show you the proper Diego Pellicer experience and hope to see you again soon! - Diego Pellicer


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